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  • posted a message on NA/EU All-Stars - who did you vote for?

    From what I understood from the page, we don't get a selection of five members from each region. Only the top two from each region go, and then they will just create two teams of 5 players each, each player from 1 of the regions. 

    Which is why I am not sure all the above posters are quoting "all-star teams" from one region. It doesn't appear to work that way at all, unless I'm missing something. 

    Two mixed-region teams will be created from the pool of ten players, with each team featuring a player from the NA LCS, EU LCS, OGN, LPL, and GPL.

    Note that this is not "five teams consisting of the highest-voted players from their regions", which is what the rest of the thread is assuming.

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  • posted a message on I would like help picking a new summoner name.
    Quote from ZenXXII »



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  • posted a message on ''You picked Fiora,reported''

    Valid decision when Fiora is picked. Ultimate can be dodged, even after patch you can dodge some damage of it simply by walking into a bush. Without ultimate, a very squishy, melee glass cannon with a bad defensive gimmick (parry) and no real escape.

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  • posted a message on Is Nasus going to be Nerfed?

    You can win top lane hard, or even just outfarm and get 600 damage on your Q, but you cannot do anything lategame except be a wither-bot for the enemy carry and watch +600dmg on Q go to +100 on tanks. You will never be able to touch squishy's lategame unless you blow flash or have professional stun from teammates. That is the problem with Nasus - no matter how good you do, you still cannot duel enemy bruiser/tanks, nor can you reach enemy carries, making you useless in teamfights. He is just too easy to shutdown lategame, and that's why he wont be nerfed.

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  • posted a message on How do I play Janna? Coming from an aggressive support (leona, fiddle, thresh, taric, sona) player

    I am a support main in solo queue, and I want to pick up janna. In some games where I am forced to play her (due to my mains being picked or banned), I try to play her, but do absolutely horrible. I lose against Leona (who I am supposed to counter) and generally am bad with her.

    How should I adjust my playstyle? Are there any Janna-specific playguides or videos or tips from support players (or adc) who know the champion well? I even have her skin from s2 but I am just so horrible with her compared to other supports; I really feel like I do my team a disservice when I lock her in.


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  • posted a message on Branching out as support: Good w/Sona, Leona, who next?

    Thanks for the replies. I bought Nami, but also learning fiddlesticks. I really should learn Janna (I dislike playing naked champs -_-, but I do have her s2 victorious skin, so why not?)

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  • posted a message on Branching out as support: Good w/Sona, Leona, who next?

    Hello all, I'm a gold 4 player looking to get to platinum by the end of the season. I main top lane and support, don't really do any other roles (as I can usually get one of these two). Support is sometimes boring, but its a leg up and can really snowball your team's ADC to the point of no return, so I enjoy it (and making plays/watching the map, dragon, etc.)

    I have played a lot of Sona and Leona, as well as a lot of Taric (before the huge nerfs - I consider him like a weaker leona). I also play thresh when I can, and have experience playing with him.

    I was wondering out of the following four, which would it be best to master next: Lulu, Zyra, Janna, Fiddlesticks, Nami. I prefer Fiddlesticks the most, since he's a bit unconventional but strong with a 3-second fear, and I also own Janna (and the s2 gold skin), but don't own the others (can afford to buy one though).

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