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    im considering building this on Braum support, for top lane wouldnt nasus like it?

     Actually yes and no... It's more tanky and gives also MS and CDR and stuff...


    But Nasus has only one way to apply stacks, using Q and AAs. All his other spells are magical damage, so actually wasted. Combined with FH and SV, it shoots Nasus at 50% CDR and double passive with BC/TF...


    I do not reccommend building it on Nasus, he does not need it as he is already shredding Armor with his E. If you really need more ArPen, then go LW if you can get away with it.

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    Sure, in that precise situation it's weaker, but in the other 99% of the situations where the slow isn't a wall that can be blinked over, it's stronger. Am I really the only one that remembers how frustrating Lucian with slow removal was?

     Well, I banned him when I had the chance to. ADCs/melee ADCs should not defy Nasus' strength of ruining AA-based champs. Nasus pays for it with his own immobility, so Lucian and Yi should never have slow removal/slow immunity. Olaf is okay because he has no dash and no MS steroid.

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    No one wants Lucian back in his OP state. Slow Removal was as bullshit as his 550 range for the amount of mobility he gets. Zero Mana E is also trash.

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    Item slots are an important restriction. Not to mention that the Miracle effect reduces clarity. If I wanted to know if someone had tenacity, for example, I'd need to see them and then click on them to inspect their tooltips. That's not good.

     Well , you would see what boots they bought unless they instabought boots and encantment .
    But yeah I guess it would reduce clarity .

     depending on the matchup and how much gold I am getting, I usually buy my enchantment along with the boots, because I need Alacrity ASAP for chasing and pressing my lane advantage.

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    The music is horrible : (

     imo its a pretty cool music for a montage like this.

     After that comment I was afraid of some too cool for you hiphop shit, but I liked the music as well.


    Also your friend dominated quite hard, that bard dying over and over.

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    If SK got dismantled TWICE in a row by just stealing his two best ADCs from Forgiven, then he is a god damned one trick pony. Since he said that he is the best ADC in EU "by far" I cheer every time when he gives FB which happened a few times against UOL. When Sven and Fox are getting behind, then Forgiven is not even close to be strong enough to carry them. I rather see that Forgiven gets carried by Sven.

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    I only have one thing to say: Nerf Nautilus back into crap.

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    1. Fast lvl1 jungle camp. Clear the camp and port to lane.

    2. Better dueling power with 20% damage reduction.

    3. Can clear jungle camps fast in between the waves.


    I'm sure there are other benefits.



    NO FUCKING FLASH --- I can't enhance this enough as yesterday we saw how Unicorns of Love dismantled Smite/TP on Shyvana. Shyvana died twice within 5 minutes because of the constant ganking. #FLASHBEARSLAP


    Takes a longer time to scale --- Until the extra benefit from Cinderhulk sets in, you need Cinderhulk + at least another big HP item that you get big and beefy and very tanky. Definitely late game oriented and can be smacked down when you're getting destroyed early. The Skirmisher's Smite is worthless when you're underleveled and undergeared. Also Smite is both less impactful than Exhaust or Ignite. It combines both, but is not as strong as any of the other summoners.

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    Which is why I only play Nasus and Sona. x.x


     Nasus & Sona & Vel'koz for life!

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    Why is cinderhulk top so much better than sunfire top?

     Well, we can just watch LCS, Fnatic vs H2K and the Cinderhulk top Lee Sin totally fails right now. I think TP/Smite Top is not a good thing and will disappear sooner or later.

     Smite top lane is not a good thing I agree on that but I don't think lee sin failed because of smite,lee is more of a jungle pick,he is not for the top lane.

     That cinderhulk top lane Lee had 4k HP, but nothing else, so without flash he could not position himself like a normal Lee Sin usually does. Also he just went in, kicked someone and then got ignored because no damage at all.


    Additionally I think the lack of a mobility summoners (Flash/Ghost) is massive and only a few champions can abuse the HP scaling like Volibear, but he is hurt massively by the lack of Flash. Also when you run Cinderhulk, you tell quite early that you will stack HP, probably rush Warmogs, so any top laner that can utilitize BotRK will shred through you. Fnatic dropped that strategy as it did not work out at all either.

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