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    I had a similar game to this. My friend played Poppy support, so the jungler raged and picked some less than stellar pick, convinced we were trolling. We won that game, and it was glorious.

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    Control Warrior seems to fit well enough. They often clear the boards with spell combos and powerful minions. The deck has plenty of draw with acolyte of pain, shield block, and Harrison Jones. You mostly just try to outlast your enemies, making sufficient use of armor, board clear, and try to survive til' you acquire your finisher. The classic finisher for Control Warrior is Alextrasza opponent to 15hp, then follow up with Grommash Hellscream+Cruel Taskmaster. 


    Example of a good deck.



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    Quote from SpartanClaymore jump

    I might have misunderstood the notes, if so I'm sorry please correct me:


    Is this item 2200 for 350 HP? That seems pretty ridiculous. The other stats it gives are useful of course but I'm just confused as to whether or not the 25% bonus HP applies to your total HP or just the bonus from items.

    I was under the impression that it was calculated based on Bonus Health, factoring runes, masteries, items, and buffs. That said, it could just as easily be based on max health. 

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    Quote from sh33rknurd jump
    I like this item for Nautilus, but why did they nerf his jungling so hard? Or nerf it at all? I mean, did they forget the changes they made to his W a few patches ago? Yes, E is now spammable to make up for damage loss, but if you max E first, you'll be expending more mana and losing more health, meaning less lane pressure and even more danger from invades. Or is my math way off and you can still max W first and clear at an acceptable rate? EDIT: Dumb question, with E being "spammed" will we see TriForce Naut?



    It's a power shift, and the mana cost change makes it easier to spam. in 30s lvl1 riptide can be cast 3 times on live, dealing between 180-360dmg, or 5 times with the change, dealing 300-600 damage. That's a 60% dps increase at the cost of an additional 20 mana. This change, in addition to the Gromp smite buff change would likely make Nautilus clear too efficiently early, seeing as how Naut has a pretty decent clear as it is.


    Honestly, though I don't love some of these particular changes, I'm overall extremely satisfied with what Riot seems to be trying with these, and I look forward to playing them.

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    I feel like I'm lacking too much information, though I'll say that I don't often like people who can't respect that people have different interests. She doesn't have to like video games, she doesn't have to like that I play video games, but she at least has to understand that it's my hobby, and that I enjoy it.

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    Seems solid. Only advice I have is to pick up one more ADC in case of emergencies. You never know when you might be forced to last pick ADC against a Cait. My advice is someone like Ashe or Sivir who can provide more than just damage. Kalista is also a solid pick up.

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    As a general rule, the strongest ultimates in the game are "Teamfight Ultimates". They often provide a mixture of damage and CC, are used as engage or retreat tools, and are impactful in terms of both aesthetics and gameplay. 

    With this in mind, my top 3 are:


    Sejuani - Glacial Prison


    Rumble - The Equalizer


    Orianna - Command: Shockwave


    I think there are many others with extremely powerful ultimates, and it's really difficult to narrow them down,  but I think these 3 stand out among them.

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    As someone who lost 9 of 13 promo games because a teammate disconnected at level 1 and didn't reconnect, I do feel your pain. Things happen, you just gotta keep going until it turns. This doesn't quite mean going until you tilt (if you do, take a break), but just keeping focus on your own play. Eventually you'll get to the place you truly belong.

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    Old AD Sion, turn on ult, enemy team proceeds to run into their death. I was still learning the game at the time, so I had no real idea how significant a pentakill really was. I've gotten another on Graves, and maybe on Kog.

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    Getting your fear of quickly is mostly a reflex thing. Also, make sure you're using smart cast.


    On the note of locked camera, Purple side bot lane is a pain no matter what camera you're using. The UI simply has a habit of getting in the way because of it's location. I've scaled it down to like 60%, but it really just that the angle is awful.

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