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    Anyone in P5 (and looking to climb) who would waste their time trying to learn the 3rd q ward trick is a fool. If you think your lack of "advanced mechanics" like that one is what's holding you back you are wrong.


    If you're just playing to have fun and feel like the adrenaline of planting that ward just perfectly every one game of 500 is worth it, then go on. But if not, keep trying yourself at the "standard" riven mechanics and perfecting them, as well as learning matchups, basic game knowledge, teamfighting, map awareness and so on.

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    The problem honestly is that since CDR is additive and not multiplicative you get increased returns on it. The first 10% do reduce your cooldowns by 10%, but the last 10% from 30% to 40% reduce it by roughly 14.3% at the same cost. This means that most of the time on champions who do want "some" cooldown reduction it is usually optimal to get close to or 40%. Therein the trouble in itemization for mages - most wind up at 25% with athene's or morellos + masteries, and the last 15% are very uncomfortable to get. You can't delay Void and Raba too much, Ionians give up too much damage to feel like they are worth it and by the time you finish 3 full items you are short on inventory space and probably have more urgent things to get than cdr anyway. So basically the last 15% cdr is a luxury that everyone wants but almost noone can afford. AD champions (not adc's) do not suffer from this as much as they do not have any items that are absolutely mandatory. Part of this is that AD itemization is more full-package. Items like black cleaver as op mentioned give both CDR and arm pen. They also don't have any mandatory boots and can easily buy ionians. Thus they can easily reach 40%. So how do we tackle this?


    For the time being: I run 3 scaling cdr blues on my most used ap page to hit 40% with blue buff at 18, on some i run 5% flat blues, on some i even run the full 15% scaling cdr blues. On Veigar i run at least 5% flat cdr, often more. Runes can be a way to fill this gap up to 40%.


    For the future: Either increase the cost of Sorcs to make Ionians a stronger option in comparison for mages, or if you want to be ambitious rework CDR into a stat with a soft rather than hard cap. Basically compensate with diminishing returns for the scaling effectiveness of the stat, so that all champions who build some cdr do not feel obliged to max the stat out.


    On a last note all mid mages are not pidgeonholed into morellos or athenes to stay relevant. Viktor, Ahri, Cassiopeia etc are popular champions who very often do not buy either of those items, have mana and still do fine. Just because it's "standard" doesn't mean you have to do it. Sure, you will be mana gated. Don't pretend you don't have upsides to compensate for that. It's not like mages are weak, except for the arguably overtuned Zed they make up 90% of midlane.

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    I'm starting to think bard isn't that bad actually. Krepo plays him really well for example (look at probuilds champion history, 90% krepo lol).


    Q is really strong, good damage, quite easy to land stun that lasts for a long time.


    W is really expensive but ok. Not the best heal but you can do some nice things for your jungler for example.


    E is a bit gimmicky but can be really effective to use for escaping and setting up plays in combination with your ult.


    R is pretty damn strong. Imo the big thing is not making allies invulnerable but rather making enemies unable to move/attack for a long as balls time with long range. Early on you can ult as your jungler walks in (or as you walk/E into another lane) to give the enemy zero time to react to his presence before he's on top of them, in teamfights you can ult the enemy backline to remove the damage threats from the fight for 2.5s which is huge. In a battle of  who can kill the enemy frontline faster, removing that kog'maw for 2.5s can win it instantly. A nami wave for comparison only knocks him up briefly, and is perhaps better suited if you have an assassin who just need to reach him.


    I think that once he becomes good enough to see pro play (riot will buff him until he do no doubt) people will see how to use his kit effectively to make plays and win fights, and his winrate will climb. My guess is that he would be a good champion right now if not for people using him incorrectly.

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    QSS if they have that one CC which will kill you if you get hit by it, or a zed.


    Banshee's if they have that one major AP scumbag (who needs to combo you to kill you) such as Ahri or LeBlanc.


    (Next patch) Randuins for the bulk of defensive stats + kiting potential + asp boost vs bruisers like xin, irelia etc.


    Guardian Angel if you know that the enemy will somehow outplay you and kill you, or have several of the above.

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    Oh, nice.


    Ranked G1 in soloq atm (though mmr is plat) and is p3 on my ranked 5s team (on hiatus because of members being abroad).


    Mainly play mid (Viktor, Orianna, Ahri, bit of cassio/azir). Could learn other roles if people can bear with me being terrible in the start.


    Will bathe in free time after friday. 


    If you need someone, send me a message.

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    I'm actually torn. Main concern is that it massively inflates the number of models people have to learn to associate with a certain champion, and sometimes color scheme is all that's differentiating the model of one champion from another.


    I mean good luck spotting the difference between Shockblade Zed and white Shen in a hectic teamfight.

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    Ranked 3s is not very competitive. I got matched vs YaSloom (been nr 1 on the ladder) and his team when my team was in p3




    A bunch of random plats who have never played together before can easily hit diamond in that queue within a week or two.

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    Imo Teemo isn't exactly a champion you play to win but one you play for fun...


    Whenever i play him i go the "Shroom Hell" build with Morellos, Liandry's, Luden's, Raba, Void and Sorcs. You could also skip morellos and get a Lichbane as last item for the sudden Q-auto burst dealing 2.15ap damage. Apart from that this build embraces the fact that teemo will never be good in a 5v5 fight, or even a 1v1 lategame vs most strong duelists, and so you must build for zero interaction to win the game without actually having to fight anyone.


    Teemo can bully himself to a lead in a good matchup and use his advantage to create vision and map control via his shrooms, which limits the enemys possibilities to contest objectives thus pushing your lead even further. This build centers around that and imo is the only way that teemo can be considered viable.

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    This game mode is slightly lame since everyone is just picking the op stuff


    So, suggestion: Organized 5v5 All random Urf?

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