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    Have you thought that a necessity of creating a solely off-topic forums might point that our forum has identity crisis?

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    Those things usually pair with each other so i just jumped on the thought train i guess. My bad. Ignore the 5th point then. 3rd one is still most important. I'm gonna expand it a little. I can think of 2 ways to self-improve gameplay:


    #1 - The key is to analyze your gameplay with questions (easiest way imo) - Why did you fail lane? Why did you lose? What could you do to prevent it? Questions are endless but it will give you idea where is the issue is and what to do about it. You will succeed next time, as you already experienced it.


    #2 - In some cases you do everything you know pretty well and still can't climb - that's because you don't know everything. It's time for you to look at people better than you - what do they do you don't? It's mostly useful when you climb the mid elo but that doesn't stop you in any case. It really helped me back in season 3 where i first time played ranked seriously.

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    i was actually speaking to some friends who are all D+ and they say if you can get out of plat which is really elo hell...then you can make it to higher elo diamond...

     Tell this to ~60% of people who are stuck in V division of diamond (stats)

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    I'm sorry to say but you might be diamond V, but your MMR gotta be somewhere in plat III-II. The slow climb isn't diamond V exclusive, but it's an issue to whole tier. Each division is around twice as big MMR wise (if for example you needed 100 MMR in plat, you need 200 in diamond). The more you win, the less you gain and reversed - as the MMR gains can't keep up with LP gains.


    I'll be honest and say that what you wrote here is typical "stuck in elo hell" talk. You vision yourself a whole tier above your current MMR placement. You talk about being unable to carry the team, constant trolls and afks. Excuses, excuses, excuses while thinking you're better than your current place despite you have almost 50% win ratio. Nope, sorry, unescapeable elo hell is myth (tho diamond/plat threshold is a true hell).


    As for advice part, i'm pretty sure you're looking in wrong direction.

    • First of all - you play random champions all over the place besides main ones. Small and dedicated pool gives much easier times for climbing.
    • Second is - don't play ADC. By looking up your stats, you're pretty awful there.
    • Third - Overwhelming majority of issues originate from gameplay. You're failing at something, you're not doing something the way you should, your decision making is poor etc. I can't tell which one you have trouble with but i know the issue comes from that spot. I blindly shoot at decision making.
    • Fourth - maining a lane isn't really necessary. Sometimes letting people carry you by filling does the trick. As long as you keep being average, you should be climbing that way.
    • Fifth and last - Poor elo hell mindset. I've noticed a certain pattern, those who can't rise always whine about bad teammates. Coincidence? It's excuse man, those bad teams are matched with you because you're at their level. You can't carry because you're not good enough. I got a perfect video to show you what you need to do:

    Truth is harsh and my post is no different. That's for the best tho.


    EDIT: One more thing about mindset. Think only about your current game and what you can do to win. Your 14 cs at 10 mins Irelia on top lane is just a factor that you need to take into account while thinking. Don't forget it's a human person tho.

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    I'm here, on the watch to clear this god damn korean spam. What name would you like?

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    Quote from Crayonsnacha jump

     hell if I know anymore. The first time was understandable, but the last time was just an anime gif of a girl licking some legs, non-sexually though.  At least that's the last one I had on I believe.  You'd have to ask whoever took my powers away for the real answer.

     Jesus, that was such long time ago. It was me and i don't even remember what gif you had in that signature, but it had to be awful one. Later i was pushed out of being #1 moderator and i barely visited forums myself - your sig remained marked as spam. Shoulda ask any mod that you're a good boy now and won't post bad .gifs anymore.


    Personally, i dislike gifs in signatures, but it somehow became a norm here. I'm taking unmarking it.


    Now everyone jump out of off-topic train, we reached the final station.

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    Yeah, koreans are invading again, spam filter gets around 90% of the spam tho.

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    I'm not gonna have any replays any time soon (tough support life), but damn, you're pretty good at this. It would be a shame if such potential would be wasted so i'm bumping this in name of my approval.


    Personally i never watch montages tho, so can't give any feedback on what should you change.

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    Quote from Anshin jump

    Tournament wouldn't be streamed, unless some of you guys offer themselves.

    I could try to broadcast it, rather low quality but should be enough to see everything. Prolly no commentary, things may break, random DC and all.


    Won't participate in tournament for sure if anything.

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    Quote from Roryrai jump

     Wait…does this actually work? This sounds hilarious.


    Plus it's very similar to my Anivia strat. But before then, this video wasn't uploaded yet.

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    I don't play the game but i did watch some cool animations based on the game. Here's playlist, you should have a good laugh at least on few of them. Oh, and i know that Jaggi are assholes.

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