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    Quote from Shwongling »

     I know that Nasus is supposed to focus the squishies so LW shouldn't matter too much

    Uh, he's supposed to focus towers. His teamfighting is terribad, in properly executed teamfight against balanced teamcomp he won't do anything... but yeah in soloq it rarely happens thus he's able to do something.

    Trinity is a must have, you don't really need another slow from gauntlet while ms boost is huge from tri. LW is good lategame and usually you want to get it as long as you're playing soloq, your team can't play splitpushing game and opponent has decent armor.

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    Quote from UNOvven »

    Actually, you have to realize what the current meta is. A protect the carry meta. 

    Uh, your team won't be able to pull this off in 99% of matches. People don't protect the adc at all except support till high diamond? You have to realize that's not viable strategy in soloq till very high mmr.

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    Well I made smurf recently too, there's a lot of new players but they'll lose more than half of their games while smurfs will win more thus they'll rarely meet each other after 10-20 games.
    Quote from Xitli »

    Leveling a smurf felt mostly like playing against Silver/Bronze players, and I suspect that's exactly what it was. I didn't feel too bad beating them, but I did feel bad for the actual newbies. At least people didn't rage at them as badly as in other MOBAs I've tried...

    Mostly yep but not all of those smurfs are bronze/silver... I managed to win 60 games while losing 20 after 20lvl my team was matched often vs plats/diamonds(even full premades lol) and we rekt them without completed runes...

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    Quote from ratchethoes »

    Popular Champs such as Zilean, kayle, lulu, Orriana etc. Have a big influence to kog'maws sudden play increase might be the other way around also.

    This, all of current top picks are champions with huge utility so it's possible to pick adc without mobility.. and assassins aren't played often too while he has tons of damage vs tanks.



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    20+ armor from runes, doran shield, shyvana... ignore her and outscale... gg wp... i got even a special rune page for those "queens" top.

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    Imo it does but only in LCS and maybe d1-challenger. In lower leagues people can't play properly, they just go balls deep to kill enemy carries no matter how strong is their teamcomp in teamfights. And they rarely pick champions accordingly to the rest of team while mage/squishy top must be paired with tanky jungler and good disengage(and ofc good positioning) or else you'll most likely lose unless you crushed opponent.

    Quote from JesusFreak42»

    I can't wait for all these morons playing AD Trist mid or Jungle Riven just cuz some pro did it this week.

     Damn, I played Riven jungle before it was cool. Now I won't be able to play her or they'll call me sheep :(

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    Everything is fine as it is, even if reports are abused then they won't lead to anything unless you did something reportable. Last time I heard "reported" towards me was probably one year ago and I'm playing a lot.

    The best thing to do with "reporters" is to report them for negative attitude - he's lowering team morale and X player will play even worse after this. Usually those people are toxic overall. It's working against report abusers.

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    Quote from SokisApollon »

    On EUNE its not available yet. Is it like that everywhere exept OCE?

    It's available on both EU servers since 2-3 hours or so.

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    They're playing on patch 4.11 finally so it's possible to watch korean games once again.

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    Quote from Wrynn_Sky »

    Volibear has a bug, that when you flip someone into a wall they can't pass over in the animation the other champ will just stand idle on the same spot for the lenght the cc of the flip normally takes. Was pretty confused the first time I saw it happen. 

    Not only if you flip someone into wall, it happens everywhere. Fairly rare but it happens even without walls.

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