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    control warrior and handlock seem like they fit the bill. control warrior usually holds card advantage and is a pretty straight forward play and of course control is in the name really. handlock has tons of possibilities because the whole point is holding a gajillion cards at all times.


     i would suggest miracle rogue but they are pretty fancy pants combo heavy, also apparently mircale isnt as good as it used to be cause of card nerfs to leeroy, gadgetzan auctioneer, and defias ringleader.


    of course i picked up HS like 2 weeks ago so I only have the bear minimum knowledge on this subject.

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    not a fan of kassadin having a silence again. him popping over a wall and silencing you is what made him traditionally such a a pain to deal with, the magic shield feels more fair because you can still lock him down with CC if you have any or use your escapes if you have one, and if your AD you can just ignore it and fight back, despite these drawbacks it actually improves his teamfighting by lowering the chance hell get popped for jumping in. it serves to balance out his natural strength of hunt you down for 1v1 kills, and his teamfighting potential.


    kass might need buffs but the changes he could use are easy to spot from the laundry list of possible minor buffs. obviously riot should not do all of these things at once, please buff responsibly.


    +50 range on R (500 from 450)


    change the shield from a magic damage shield to a regular shield (better lane matchups, possibly better teamfight survival, realy like this one as AD assassins are a common counterpick, and lane swaps are brutal if he goes top)


    buff his W (the risk of going in and auto attacking or even more risky a auto + reset auto means power here has risk.)


    plop a small bonus back onto his passive again (it used to give AS which was essentially worthless to him, double passive!)

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    Quote from Enimonemo jump
    Quote from Gameguy301 jump



    your going to have to explain what this "rock paper scissors" is then because it certainly isnt taking a guess and winning or losing based on your luck. because ive read everyone who claims to be a "rock paper scissors believer" and none of them have given the same idea, you seem each have a differing ideal in your head your all giving the same label. you have given the idea of "better than what weve got now" a name called rock paper scissors but no ones idea has been consistent to the other.


    your sona example is certainly not walking blind into a bad matchup, as it involved prior knowledge and on the fly adjustment to runes, masteries, item builds, skill builds, and playstyle non of which is a swing and a miss that is inherent in guess and hard counter we call rock paper scissors over here were i live.


    if we keep going with this whole lee sin is rock analogy what does that make nidalee? shes certainly not rock her style is too different, but she sure isnt paper or scissors as shes not a hard or soft counter to lee sin or otherwise. she is different but equal she does her own thing in her own way for her own reasons lee sin does not factor into picking nidalee the same way that expecting paper factors into picking scissors, is that not a good system, were people are different but equal and NOT expected to beat eachother based on style? you pick the champion your team needs not some response to what the enemys got?

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    I get what you are TRYING to say, you want 3 unique styles that are all equally valid for differing reasons, which is NOT what rock paper scissors is you dont pick rock because of its unique merrits you pick it because it beats scissors which you believe the other guy is going to play. if starcraft was rock paper scissors, terran would beat zerg, zerg would beat protoss, and protoss would beat terran, the game would be decided by your initial choice. the analogy completely breaks apart, because rock paper scissors is a guessing game of hard counters, which I am completely sure no one here actually wants. if it realy were the case that farm beats ganks, which beats tanks, which beats farm would be a horrendous situation, drafting your jungler after your opponent would be the key to victory, few if any junglers would have the sheer flexibility it takes to overcome a counter pick by changing their own playstyle, and rare would be the case that every jungler has every option available to them to adjust on the fly, if anything the junglers who could do that would be the likes of lee sin, and jarvan who seem to succeed in every category.


    nerfing lee sin is probably warranted but it wouldn't "solve" the jungle, people are looking at system changes (the camp changes, the smite changes, the item changes, the enchant changes) to fix the jungle balance as a whole, these system wide changes simply provide a framework, the system teams job is not to provide a balanced game it is to provide a solid framework in which balancing may occur by the live team. presumably the goal is that the new jungle allows the system designers more levers to pull for sweeping changes while also allowing the live balance team more avenues to work with when attempting INDIVIDUAL balance changes. I do believe the current jungle has more of BOTH of those things than previous seasons have.


    with the current system relatively stabalized and assuming it is a robust and workable system. it is now on the live balance team to begin balancing within the framework. tank junglers are underperforming? buff them, farm junglers not good enough? buff them yes on an individual basis. clearly within our current framework many champions are not making the cut, it is not the frameworks job to bend every little system to rescue every champion that wishes to play in it attempting to do this would lead to one mess of a complicated exception filled system were sweeping changes are impossible to track, it is the live balance teams job to adjust champions to function within the current framework, it has worked this way every season before it should come to no suprise that this is how it needs to happen yet again. everyones complaint with the current jungle is suddenly aimed at the system of the jungle itself, when it should be directed at the live balance team for dragging their feet on jungler balance changes in the shadow of the new jungle,individual adjustments have been far weaker and far slower than they have been in previous seasons.


    now im not saying the current system is perfect, for one the poacher is basicaly worthless, and skrimishers is stuck playing second banana to chilling smite, and chilling smite is pretty much THE only valid choice for lategame, because at 40 minutes who cares about poaching or jungle sustain anymore you just want the ignite / exhaust that is chilling smite. but at some point individual champions must be adjusted to function in the jungle framework just like they always have and that has been half hearted and slow compared to previous seasons which is were all this frustration is really coming from. people are just aiming their troubles at the changes that ARE happening which is the system guys because the live balance team isnt doing shit. even if we did make sweeping adjustments to say buff farm type junglers accross the board, we would STILL need individual balancing to adjust the farm junglers to be belanced against eachother and against the gank junglers.


    as an example nidalee is diverse from the AD fighter / bruiser gankers weve seen from the jungle this season, she didnt rely on some asinine system level change to make her viable, it wasnt changes to smite, it wasnt changes to camps, it wasnt changes to enchants, the live balance team threw her a bone and BAM shes a viable and unique pick. now apply the same process to the other junglers and well get somewhere.

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    Quote from bladeofcrimson jump

    There are so many fundamental problems with the jungle it's hard to know where to begin. I think first and most fundamental problem is that the design team has no idea what they want from the role. Have they ever held up a champion and said "This is a good example of a healthy jungler"?  They can't seem to make up their mind on whether they want junglers to be roaming support gankers or carry farm-based junglers. They seemed unhappy when either one or the other was strong, so in the end they just end up making the jungle as a whole weak to compensate for their indecisiveness.


    If I were on the design team the first thing I would do is ask myself these questions:

    1) What does the play pattern of a healthy early pressure jungler look like?

    2) What does the play pattern of a healthy farm based jungler look like?

    3) What does the play pattern of a healthy tank jungler look like?

    4) How do these different types of junglers interact with one another?


    You see, ideally there would be a paper, rock, scissors interaction between the three different types of junglers. However, right now early pressure junglers dominate farm junglers and tanks for the majority of the game, and only occasionally fall off late. It's like having Rock, Paper, Scissors where Rock beats both Paper and Scissors. Why even bother playing the other two types of jungler in that case? I was starting to prepare a long post on how I would fix the jungle, but I don't think I should even bother. No one will listen or care, so whatever.


    Rock Paper Scissors will never be a healthy relationship between champions, that implies counter picking. Oh you picked scissors well I picked rock too bad for you, oh you picked paper well I picked scissors so too bad for you. Removing especialy tough counter picks and insuring you don't "win at champ select" is a huge part of riots balancing decisions.

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    my question is why did morde players assume they would be building the same? they all unanimously said "if i continue to build AP my damage will be lower and % HP shields are useless when my burst is so high, cant i have my damage based shields back?", not ONE of them said, you know what if i build tanky, i will be literally unkillable and just poop out constant AOE damage. the % HP sheilds clearly incentives defensive itemization, and the shields generated would benefit from defensive stats making you hard as a rock for building defensively.


    morde as a tank can function he simply must generate "threat" yes humans are not AI they do not have hard coded threat tables, which is why CC is so heavily valued on tanks, however the threat of damage may be used as a magnet to force the enemy to focus you, if mordekaisers damage output is sufficiently high, AOE, and grows as combat drags on he can force a fight me or i penta kill scenario.


    we saw a rework prototype discussed by morello for darius work under the same principle, dariuses burst was lowered significantly but his defensive stats were increased. Q spam would spread bleed stacks everywhere, and maximum bleed stacks were much higher, darious built full tank when ignored would stand in the middle of your team and gradually stack bleeds through the roof and you would start melting under his ramping DoTs, melt long enough and chain execute Darius dunks would mean the all defensive stat tank gets a pentakill if left unmolested for too long.


    IM NOT SAYING THE REWORK WAS PROPERLY TUNED IT DID INFACT SEEM FAIRLY WEAK, simply that it seemed directionaly sound the big tell was the increased AOE damage and lowered cooldown and reliability on Q it spoke of tons of reliable AOE DPS, trade burst for ramping damage, and trade shields based on damage for shields that reward building fat, and morde turns into a ramping AOE damage threat that must be addressed or you face the consequences.

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    the double hits on Q is nice but the drain on mana is real strong, and the increase in rank 5 CD on a skillshot conversion is baffling. im fine with E being less reliable and thus W also taking a hit but for this to feel fair we need more opportunities to either A. more opportunities to fish for W hits without the stun for help or B. more opportunities to fish for stuns with the newly less reliable E.


    with all this in mind i say they drop the cooldown on baleful strike by 1 second at all ranks to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 then increase his passive to 2% mana per 1% missing (or alternatively just crank his rank 1 mana regen). then make baleful strike hits lower the cooldown of either W or E by 0.5 against minions or 1 second against champions.

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    shameless self bampu cause i got burried by the new korean advertising spam bots :(

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    the way they handle this in dota is you can hold a button when hovering over tool tips for a more advanced tooltip that takes up like 1/3 the screen.

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    Quote from Noknam jump

    Mana regen items have been changed to a percentage of base regen showing the actual mana regen gained in brackets. Maybe attackspeed items should also show the actualy attacks per second value gained in brackets next to it?

     Riot said they were considering it along time ago but never followed through, you right now that the he mana regen items give you a hint why no attackspeed items too? Seems like it would help new players and multiplicative scaling seems to be the common assumption for people just joining the game.

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