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  • posted a message on Share your results in Season 3.

    Ranked Solo Queue Matches: 233 Won/445 Played
    Start: Bronze 3
    End: Gold 5

    Do you think you will reach the next League in Season 4: Yes I do. I'm definitely striving for at least Platinum next season.

    Main Roles: Zac Jungle/Yorick Top/Taric Support (Mostly Taric Support)

    Additional Information: I actually went down to Bronze 4 at the start of the season. This was the first season I started playing ranked. Season two I just played one game and won it, so that doesn't really count. I actually understand why I was in Bronze after my placement matches, and during that particular point in time I deserved to be in Bronze until I improved, and that's exactly what I did. When I got to Silver I was satisfied for a couple of months and only played ranked to just stay in Silver. Later on after I saw my brother get to Gold, that gave me motivation to get to Gold (It was around the time of Zac being released). I was stuck in Silver division 5 and 4 for a while, then I got to Silver 3 and it started flying by for me in that league (In terms of time it took to get up in ranked, as compared to Silver division 5 and 4). I did however go back and forth a little bit for division 3 and 2. Once I got to Silver 1, I got kicked out of it to Silver 2 several times, but after going through 5 promotion series I finally got back to Silver 1. At first I had that LP clamp, but once I got to around 40 LP, I started gaining 20 and 21 LP again. After that I got to 100 points and qualified for my promotion series to Gold. After winning the first, losing the second, and winning the third and fourth I was like "YES I'M GOLD AGHHH" to about everyone on my friends list.

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  • posted a message on After 1075 games, I'm Gold. Here's some tips

    Congrats man. I got to Gold by spamming mostly Taric Support. I just like the character a lot. Gems be outrageous yo.

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