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  • posted a message on A proposal to rework Runaan's Hurricane

    another concern, statikk shiv+runnans. lightning bolts EVERYWHERE

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  • posted a message on Working My Way Out of Bronze - A League Journal

    hmmm...  my advice for u is to die less as adc, work on positioing. youre 0/5 nami, u shoudl stick to leona and sona. zyra(my main) works really well, try her sometime. yeah, avoid cho. play blitzcrank. dont jsut play varus all the time. pick up another adc. cait works well same was. if u do play top, go singed. 

    tl;dr support

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  • posted a message on Riot's ability to rework/balance champs

    most of the champions riot reworked were champs that were outclasses and cant find a open niche  tho eve was pretty good




    trundle<most top laners

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  • posted a message on State of Lulu

    i was thinking of who to buy next i forgot to mention i had leona and play her often(i have ali and fid  too). so the only other supports are thresh,blitz  or something else... is that all the support champs? thresh and blitz are usually banned in silver 

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  • posted a message on Bad Ahri : Does Ahri 100-0 people with just DFG, W and R?

    u forgot ignite as well 

    i did have an exp with this situation, i was  fed as ahri. i wanted to kill vayne near baron and red(bad decision), but she ulted and tumble and condemned me, i missed q and e but still killed her with dfg, w, and r  but thats only if youre really fed, but with ahri in low elo... thats ezzz

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  • posted a message on State of Lulu

    Hi guys. I main support and i was wondering if Lulu is still good at this time. I saw getting a small on ult cd, but what is her niche? 

    I main champs are sona,zyra,janna, and nami. 


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  • posted a message on Best way to cut down on deaths

    make some1 follow you, pref a tanky guy with some cc to get away 

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  • posted a message on Looking for Duo Partner

    lol sorry dude but you're a total hypocrite. you blame me for not warding when you also blame everyone because they aren't grouping. how am i supposed to ward when you want me to group asap. really? wth. think first. then talk. if all our outer towers are gone. and no one wants to accompany me to ward thats suicide. they would catch me and i would get instamelted. just because i have "wards" doesn't mean i can place them all over the map. its common sense, would i really want to be in the jungle if theyre all mia and we have no towers? really. next time you talk. think

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  • posted a message on Good mid champs for going from silver to gold?

    Tried Lux? She was my first main, but im getting no luck with her. Really. AFKs and dcs. only happens on lux. shes pretty strong but i dont recommended as she cant carry too well compared to others. 

    as other people have said, orianna is really strong, shes my current main. her utility just erase all the stupid mistakes that silver players make( like janna).  

    ahri and kass is just fotm. super strong. but can kass can be countered. (ad mid who can push well)

    zeds pretty strong too, ad ahri. TF doesnt really work in silver. bad communication IS APART of silver

    brand has a pretty high win %, but hes really snowball and item reliant, if the other team has a locket and abyssal while all u have is cap and a mask. useless. 

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  • posted a message on Looking for Duo Partner

    Silver 4, I can play all roles. My best are support,mid,adc(in order). Might not be able to get on everyday due to classes tho. I need a solid adc duo.

    IGN: 3Degreechill

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