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    I also felt something like that back in season 3 and just quited for about half a year until I felt like playing again without sense of wasting time or anxiety.


    Why push yourself to something that you don't enjoy, especially if you aren't forced to do it?

    This right here^

    If you're not enjoying it, don't play. Spend your time doing something you find fun or enjoy rather than doing something you're dreading or anxious about. I took a break in Season 3 as well (i think....time flies) for 3 months or so because I wasn't enjoying it, but I've been playing semi-consistently ever since. 

    The only reason I play is because I want to. I like the champions, like the flow of the game. There are still days where I don't feel like playing League, so you know what I do? I play games on Steam, or I read a book or find some other activity to do.

    Without getting crazy serious - Life is unexpected. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, so enjoy your time doing things you want to be doing whilst you're still around.

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    I like that they're honing in on the "dashing in and out of combat" mage style. Though I still wish they had made the movespeed scale with either the Q level, or with ult level. Oh well.

    Overall I still like her as a champ and think she's very strong.

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    I've been using skype for years and I've never had ping issues directly related to it o:

    Same here.

    Whether it was my old laptop, my new laptop or my current PC. Never had issues with skype+league being used together.

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    Link didn't do amazing in the last 2-3 fights. Doublelift basically just went suicide bomber, except take out the bomber bit.

    I don't really care about/for either team, but near the end it definitely felt more like CLG losing it for themselves than TSM winning, if that makes any sense.

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    I don't even play Magic but it sounds interesting.

    I do have a friend that plays it at a card shop 2-3 times a week. Sounds so confusing. o_o

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    He actually WAS picked in LCS once. As a support. They picked him not because of his point-and-click delete button, but purely because of his E. And now as the instant stun is gone I seriously doubt we will see him in pro play like, ever.

    He was picked in OGN/Champions last night essentially just cause of his E as well.

    I think most people are overreacting. It's a huge difference, but it had to be made sooner or later (and I prefer sooner).

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    I like how Scylla looks like Annie, but with dog-headed snakes coming out from under her dress. That is some serious octopuswa.



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    Sorry. Just having a bit of an orgasm that now you have a chance to actually dodge/escape Veigar stun without him missing.

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    High silver is really annoying. I think the difference in mmr matching you sometimes may get makes for a huge skillgaps. Learned recently when playing duo with someone having high silver mmr, then with someone having similar to me mid gold mmr. Biggest difference is probably mentality. Getting through that gap can be hard.


    My MMR is already decent as is, so I'm Silver 1 and I'm getting anywhere from mid gold to low end of Plat. I stopped looking people up during loading screen because it really throws me off and psyches me out when I shouldn't be focusing on where they are, but how I play myself.

    I've never have been stuck anywhere since S1 because in subsequent seasons I don't really play ranked that much, but sometimes it can feel like you're stuck/struggling because of your outlook/mentality on games, so overcoming that can be huge.

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     I know they nerfed the hitboxes on it, but didn't they just revert it when DFG went byebye?  Now that she takes somewhat of a small amount of skill to play decently without her stupid early-game power and stupidity, all the kiddies can't play her.  Huehue

    They nerfed it cause the hitboxes on E'd orbs was hilariously stupid, and as a Syndra player I admit that. The problem was when they nerfed it they broke her E entirely, in 2 ways.
    - Waaaaayy too narrow. Like more narrow than even the projectiles path shows.
    - Wasn't stunning at all even if you hit them dead on. Just a bug.

    It got fixed, not because DFG was removed but because when they tried to nerf it the first time they butchered it. Right now it feels like it should for the most part. Still having some weird interactions and problems with people not getting pushed back by the actual cone particle but I'm sure it'll get ironed out soon.

    Main post - Syndra is fine. I like where she sits now. Her nerfs were deserved. Early game was too strong and it still scales to the exact same thing late game anyway (or level 9 where you should have Q maxed). E needed a nerf, just fine tuning it is what's needed and weeding out any bugs.
    In the right hands she's still a monster, and in the wrong hands she's still very capable. We're lucky they didn't completely shit on her face and stomp her into the dirt with the way people dislike her.

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