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  • posted a message on The News Roundup: PBE Patch 2 - Goth Annie, Loss of Control Indicators, Champion and Skin Sale

    Obviously you aren't thinking, When an art rework is done they don't use the Chinese Artwork, They make NEW Splash arts that are different from both the current NA and current CHINESE hell even EU. Quit whining about it and learn how to appreciate what a company dishes out and quit being babies if its not exactly WHAT YOUUUUUUUU expected or what YOU wanted. Its not about YOU its about what they WANT for the outcome of the splash.

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  • posted a message on The News Roundup: Preseason Patch Is Live, Champion and Skin Sale, Holiday Wishlist Giveaway, Curse Launches

    Pokemanz...let me show you them!

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  • posted a message on IWillDominate's Account Permabanned - Out of Competitive LoL for 1 Year

    It was a good move and those who disagree are just fanboys, nonetheless he got what was coming to him, I remember awhile back Saint got banned but not permanently, I rarely ever see him talking trash on his stream anymore which is a good sign. But maybe this will smack Dominate in the face and show him he's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is when it comes to his thoughts and what he says in game to people. He needed to have his smart mouth shut and this is the result of it not happening, maybe now he'll think twice and maybe even a third time for bonus points.

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  • posted a message on Curse.NA - News about the future of Salce/Westrice

    I was really scared to even open up this thread honestly. I thought it was going to be another "Bench" thread...I guess i'm just paranoid after all the CLG crap. Either way, it is really great to see that Curse works in so many different ways when it comes to its team members. You guys also don't look and say, Hey! This guy is better than you, you're benched, Hey You!, Yeah You! You're new, we think you're better, you're replacing this guy. Either way, thanks for letting us know, I also hope that eSports only continues to get more professional because the professional level with handling this was pretty incredible. Great job Curse and Great job Liquid.

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