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  • posted a message on How to improve you LoL skill?

    Top lane main.

    This is especially true the very first levels. If you see your lane opponent use a skill to farm, go aggressive. 2 skills vs 1 skill almost always win.
    Example: I play Jax vs Renekton. We both hit lvl 2 and I see him use Cull the meek (his AOE ability) to farm minions. I jump on him and use my 2 abilities. If he decides to trade back he will loose because he only has one of his abilities to answer with. this is an example how a Jax, a champion that is much weaker and should loose early game to Renekton can turn it around and get an advantage, maybe even a kill if Renekton stays to trade. One thing you need to think of though is that if he has a big minion advantage you should not go for the trade. Early, the minions will do tons of damage and make up for the damage Renekton loses on not having all his skills available.

    This stays true in many cases. Not every of course. Like if you play Malphite vs Renekton. Renekton will probably still win the trade even if he just used a skill to farm. Some examples on champions that often use skills on minions and that you should look to trade with when they do: Renekton, Nasus, Riven, Shen, Shyvana, Lee Sin. If you don't know the approximate cool downs of your enemies skills you should check it up in the loading screen. 

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  • posted a message on Top Discussion: Replace Shyvana with Sejuani?

    Yes, Sejuani can be just as good as Shyvana in a team fight. That is basically what you are saying here. The problem with Sejuani top? Sejuani will be 0-5 when the team fights starts due to Shyvana kicking her ass in lane. Sure, you might beet one or another bad Shyvana player. But I assure you, a decent Shyvana will fuck Sejuani upp so hard in lane that she will crawl back to the frejlord.

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  • posted a message on Playing overly agressive and risky in ranked.

    THANK YOU SIR! You just made me realize why I succeed with and enjoy some champs so much and others not. In the future I will know better then trying to learn Malphite or Irelia. Because I am that Riven who goes for the lvl 2 or 3 kill almost every time. I am the Lee Sin who always tries to ambush the enemy at his red. Going all in with Riven at lvl 2 could be very risky in some match ups. But If I never take that risk I might loose out on a huge opportunity (first blood). The enemy jungle could be warded. But often it's not, and if it is. Well at least I tried!

    I have rose from gold 4 to gold 1 this week and you just made me realize that some of that is credit due to that I have started being suuuuper aggressive and forcing the enemy jungler to camp my lane and then take em on 1vs2 as Riven. My Lee Sin play has also evolved to taking even more risks. I have abandoned the jungle items and always starts Dorans. I also often rush a brutalizer instead of always going tanky as I did before. I am crazy agressive towards mid lane and after immense amount of Lee Sin play I have started to become very good at getting the kill on the enemy mid laner early and it often means me going in for a lvl 3 tower dive. If I would play safe, farm a lot and only gank when I see a good opportunity I would not improve my play as much as I have done the last weeks. 

    I think playing overly agressive is a very smart choice if you feel comfortable with it. For me that's what league is about. For some others it's about surviving lane with Nasus and afk farm for 30 min. But if you feel bored with playing passive champions who can't make plays in the early mid game, then don't play them. I like Vi in the jungle, but she is just to incapable to make big plays pre 6 for me to truly like her. But at 6. Oh man i'm like you, I press that R as soon as I see slightest opportunity.

    Edit: I tend to tone down my aggressiveness lategame since one small misstake will probably cost you the game. I am much more reserved with my Q-Q-wardjump-R the later the game goes on.

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  • posted a message on RIOT & AFKr's

    What an original thread.

    That suggestion is not good and will cause a lot of toxic behavior. 4 players trying to force one player to quit because he fed.

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  • posted a message on C9 vs Fnatic

    Quote from Dankaw»

    Wanna know my word? Meteos did nothing last game, NOTHING. His only gank was disaster, while Cyanide tried to pressure early. He kinda failed though, but game started to just snowball after kill on Vlad. Generally:

    • Fnatic got strong splitpushing champions and insanely hard engage
    • Meteos farms all day while their lanes starts to lose
    • Fnatic roams and just wipe out enemy because they cannot avoid such hard engages
    • Meteos's farm is meaningless when pretty much all of his lanes got their ass kicked
    • Bye bye to NA
    • Saint was right about Meteos

    This is excatly my thought. I watched Saints stream and I kinda felt already there that he's probably right. Meteos rely a bit to much on his lanes to do well so that he can keep on farming. Meeting these strong teams with really strong laners that has crazy agressive junglers, Meteos playstyle just do not work.


    Edit: Here is the link to Saints breakdown of the different junglers attending worlds. Very spot on so far, especially about Meteos (13.40)


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  • posted a message on How do I survive a lane against tryndamere?

    Quote from Jaxsed »

    Malphite isn't very easy to kill so tryndamere won't get fed off you easily and Malphite offers much better teamfighting skills. Tryndamere is terrible at late game teamfights.

    He isn't very easy, but pre 6 he isn't very hard either. He has a hard time to kite Tryndamere (thats why Nasus works, the W slow is to strong for Trynd to keep up). I just don't find a reason why Malphite would be any more than mediocre against Tryndamere. It just looks good on paper with the AS slow and him being a tank. But early game, no one is really tanky.

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  • posted a message on C9 vs Fnatic


    Maaan Fnatic are insane. I think they might take it all, so versatile. They just misplayed game two and I do not like the TF pick. 


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  • posted a message on How do I survive a lane against tryndamere?

    Quote from Dom_kaio »

    Malphite poops sand all over trynda. Other than that pretty much just nasus and singed, oh and rammus but I never saw one doing top :S. Your best option is to get some AS reduction items and a thornmail.

    Really? What does Malphite have that can stop Tryndamere except an AS slow? Don't get fooled by an AS reduction skill when the rest of Malphites kit won't stand a chance against Tryndamere. No, you need damage or kiting ability. Only tanks that works against him are Singed and Nasus. I would pick Singed.

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  • posted a message on Diamond/Platinum/Pro players, you are doing so much damage to this game...

    If you are mediocre at for example Tryndamere. Don't pick him into Elise. If you have like 50 ranked games under the belt with him. You will 8 out of 10 times crush that Elise. What pro players mean is learn one champion really really well and then you can win any match up. Unless you're very unlucky and your opponent also has spammed the hell out of a champ that happens to counters yours.

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  • posted a message on How do I survive a lane against tryndamere?

    Bigricky is completely right. Tryndamere just scales so extremely hard that it is insane. He doesn't scale well for teamfights but he becomes almost unbeatable in a 1v1 aka split pushing.

    I actually started playing Tryndamere a lot this week, and I think that the best way to counter him is probably to just build straight offensive and burst him down hard, kite his ultimate and then finish him off. Tanks like Malphite and Shen just looses to him all game. Singed however works as he can simply kite him when he starts ramping up (he will have a hard time pre 6 tho). I met a Nasus that gave me a thought time tho since I wasn't able to kill him early since he was smart to avoid my lvl 2 engage. Not saying Nasus is the best but he worked well vs me, and he does good on paper as well with his difficulty to tower dive and insane W. A skilled Rengar would probably kill me to. Good Rengars are usually very slippery and cheesy. Also if I duel him well he can just ult and escape. If he wins the trade and I ult, he can ult as well and dodge the whole duration and then catch up to me when I try to retreat. He also matches Trynds incredible tower pushing. I guess Jax could work as well, but i'm not sure. I met two but they were not very good since they didn't realize I won every duel by spinning in to the bush when he channeled up the dodge. A good Jax would probably be thought, but my experience in gold tells me that most Jaxes are mediocre.

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