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  • posted a message on Could Miss Fortune become a top tier ADC?

    Miss Fortune was top tier for her aoe ult one or two seasons ago, so please stop saying she'll never be viable without mobility. Because she was, and she could be again.

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  • posted a message on Your top 5 ranking about cancerous stuff in League

    5: Warwick right now. Seriously. So dump. Honorably mention to release Vayne and release Xin Zhao and stuff like that.


    4: Teemo


    3: The system. You can't jump into a 5v5 game and do what you want, so you need several games to get an idea of a new strat


    2: The Players. Blaming and flaming and generally having a bad time.


    1: Using cancer as an analogue for bad stuff. I just can't laugh at that.

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  • posted a message on Let's talk about some Gangplank Match-up

    Good guideline. I dont know much about GP (except that he's stron lvl 1-2 and then really weak until items), so that was quite informative.

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  • posted a message on Morgana Mid (Thoughts an Tips)

    As somebody who's played Morgana mid since season one, it's really strange to see these old issues come up again.

    Morganas traditional counters are Vlad/Morde. They push just as fast as she does, but have no mana, better sustain and are to tanky to get oneshotted. They also push instantly, so the enemy minions move off of soils before it kills them. The 'solution' is to call for a gang and kill them, neither have any escape from your ult. Conventional counters like Talon work too, since they have kill pressure on Morg and she can't really retaliate. The solution is to push from range and keep them busy killing minions. 

    Morgana can beat Ryze by pushing early and all inning him at six. Just a flash-ult-combo will kill him at six. If they stand in the minions and trade shots, Morgana will lose, since she can't hit him.

    Morgana vs Karthus should be a farmlane, with Morg roaming and Karth ulting. 

    Morgana has a shizophren playstyle imo. She can play like a Lux, stand way back and kill the guy who got caught in her snare. Or she can play like an Annie and kill anybody who got caught in her ult range. Her weakness are misplays - Morgana runs at people to ult, gets poked down to half hp or Morgana throws her snare, misses, the enemy goes in on her and with her snare down, she can't retaliate properly. She pops ult to survive, but now her ults down and her kill pressures gone.

    Aside from that, she needs like 4 seconds to land her full combo, so the enemy has time to call for help or pop his Zhonyas or lifesteal or something. For Morgana to kill whole teams like a Syndra could, she'd need to land like four consecutive bindings, which is really, really hard. She kind of scales down since it gets increasingly harder for her to land a good ult on all those she needs to and with the need to save her ult, she's not much of a problem 1v1. So a bruiser could dance in front of her. It's also the fact that Morg has no easy mode. Imagine the scores 12-10, you're a 6 and 0 Morgana. You're very confident, since you're very fed. Unfortunately, you get poked down a bit and panick ult-Zhonyas two tanky characters. You snare one of them when you get out of Zhonyas, maybe kill him, but your teams still going to lose the teamfight. A support Morg has it easier there since she just has to ult to protect the carry, while the ap morg has to carry the teamfight. It's just very easy to mes up to skills and if you do, you lose the fight no matter how fed you are.

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  • posted a message on A question to all higher elo players..

    Tier V tends to be the worst tough, like Gold V, Silver V, Plat. V. They are the ones who are stuck.

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  • posted a message on Bye
    Quote from steel_knux »

    well, you bought your border, so i feel secure saying youre a big part of why this community is bad. the game will be better without you and your negative attitude in it. hopefully riot will help you stay away from the game youre most addicted to by banning you.

    Technically true, but not the point and really tactless.

    Quote from zeVoid»

     Really good advice.

    Quote from ElMage21»

    Bye bro, gonna miss you.

    BTW, i quite get from your post that you have gone pretty deep down the barrel because of the game addiction, but just remember that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.

    Thats not really true and not really applicable. You know that time when you have a free day and are finished with your browsing, but you check your mails again, and then you check Reignofgaming for anything new again, check the official League website again, then oh, your League window poped up, somebody asked you to play again. Well, you can play a game. And then you win and you feel good, you're in a good place, might as well q ranked now. You lose, you have to make up for it, can't end on such a low note and you q again. When you finally stop playing League, you check Reignofgaming again and look, somebody responded to your post, so you respond in turn and somebody wrote a blog about how Shyvana with both BotRK and Hydras is the splitpush king.

    Well, you have just got to try that out. But in the first game, you don't get top, and in the game after that, you have to play against Trundle and get camped by an Elise. ...

    Except for those addicted to League, it's not a free day and it goes through all their courses and until 5 am.

    Steppenkat, I've been in a similar situation to you. Not quite, of course. I was only addicted for a year and jumped ship then, I became yet another fish in the sea while you bought a border and became a valued member of the community. I dare say we are different in other aspects as well.

    I was lucky enough to live in a country that offers a year óf voluntary service in many places, so I work on a farm now. It's an extraordinarily simple schedule to keep, eight hours to work a day, the rest to me, so it is very easy to see that my hobbies to not interfere with my work. It helps the farm only has good enough internet for League about in about three days per month. I am young, lucky in the country I live in, my family and the money I don't spend, so I will be able to try again in a different course and with more energy and better planning when I'm finished with my voluntary year.

    Your addiction was quite probably different from mine. Mine was lethargy that ate my creative energy while you made signatures and forum posts, you apparently became borderline sociopathic while I actually became more personable. We can all agree that something like this destroys your self esteem, but there is little we can do about that. We failed and it deserves to lie destroyed until such a time when we have rebuild our lives.

    In my experience, free time is the enemy. Time alone is the enemy. When you can browse the net or play games or just sit on your thoughts, it is really easy to fall into a defeatist circle and without an external stimulus, it is really hard to get out. I do not possess the energy to just schedule all my time away, but maybe you do.

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  • posted a message on The Ladder Climb Journal

    I'm gold at the moment and your reviews sound so much more structured then my games end up. (15 minute normal laning, 30 minutes dawdling around, game ends).

    Keep it up, your climbing. Dont let your teammates distract you.

    What do you think on Viktor vs other long range high damage mage like Brand, Malzahar and Velkoz?

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  • posted a message on Vel'Koz Counter.

    Just played a couple of dominion games and he has a definite learning curve. His spells are hard to hit at first, especially his e, but their not atrouciously hard to hit. His w obviously isn't reliable harass, but it's got good waveclearing, so I imagine Vel'koz will mostly farm with that.

    His Q can get off a lot of tricky hit, using basic geometrics. To bad all your other spells are better to max.

    His full e-w-w-r (q) combo can easily kill somebody. His spells, aside from his ult, don't have big tells.

    His itembuilds are kind of meh, you want defense, but Zhonyas is suboptimal, Abyssal meh, Rhylais redundant for 2 out of 4 of your spells ...

    I do think it's to early to tell wheter he's op or not. His damage + range might put him in some teamcomp or his Q spamability might be to much.


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  • posted a message on Want feedback/constructive criticism for strategy i use when I have to adc
    Quote from ulhax84 »

    If it is working for you, don't change it.


    However, once you crack Gold, I think you'll find yourself shifting away from these ideas. Players know how to position and harass better at that bracket. While you are building your Zhonyas, they'll have BF Swords and Pickaxes and you'll be punished.

    Keep doing it while it lasts though, by all means.

    QFT. Never change a running system. Try a midlaner with the same strat though.

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  • posted a message on How do you know if you are the wrong based on match stats?



    Quote from assasing123»

    however sometimes, i know i have been quite useless as well, in a match how can you tell who is often responsable for a defeat?

    You really can't.

    However, you can't change how others play, only yourself. So it is worthless to waste thoughts on their mistakes when you could focus on yourself and improve. League: Teaching an egocentric worlview since 2009!


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