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    Quote from aguyyouknow»

    I tried to get through it, but something about that moe blob anime subgenre (yes, it's basically an entire subgenre at this point. Unfortunately.) rubs me the wrong way. I thought it had a cool premise, it just felt soooooo slow and (more importantly) sooooooo boring for the first 4 or 5 episodes that I just had to stop watching. >.>

    A show being slow isn't necessarily a problem for me - hell, I'm a huge fan of psychological horror which is BUILT on being super slow, but super slow SoL always feels like NOTHING is happening, even when some pretty cool stuff is >.>

    SoL stuff kinda depends on how it's done, and I generally don't like it too much either. And I watched GuP mostly for the tank combat, which was actually really well animated and pretty epic (I play a shitton of World of Tanks, so maybe it's more interesting to me). But yeah stuff like Lucky Star (which I actually tried watching) is appealing to some people, but personally I found it really damn boring.

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    Quote from TheDevicer »

    Any fans of Touhou in the house?

    Not really anime, I know, but just testing the waters.

    I play it during loadscreens and have a riddiculous amount of Touhou music downloaded :P
    Also this is epic:
    And who said Touhou wasn't an anime?: and
    (It's the TH7 Perfect Cherry Blossom plot in anime form)

    Touhou seriously has too much fanmade stuff

    If you like Touhou and fighting games, check out Hisoutensoku (TH 12.3). The learning curve is kinda steep, but it's really fun (and addicting), especially if you have some friends to fight against.


    Also, has anyone here watched Girls und Panzer? It's premise is weird and the story isn't like Steins;Gate level or anything, but something about it makes it ridiculously fun to watch.
    And yes it's what it sounds like. An anime about girls in tanks.

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  • posted a message on Champ Concept: Ana the Protector

    Wait so if you have two stacks of enlightenment and you e->r on a clumped team you just straight up get a pentakill? (I'm assuming "massive field of energy" means AOE.)

    Seems balanced.

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  • posted a message on Fun and unusual champions to play in multiple roles.

    Cho'gath - Everything except ADC

    Jayce - Everything

    Nidalee - Everything except jungle

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    Tristana's Scouts


    ...Oh god I'm in the Teemo league.

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    You forgot the text

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    Quote from DrippyNose »


    Quote from SteppenKat »

    Btw DrippyNose, I LOVE YOUR AVATARS.

    Thank you :)

    Is it DJ Okawari album art?
    Looks a lot like it at least.

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    Quote from D00meriksen »

    This is all true. The problem I see is that you will lose a lot more damage once you use your E to reposition if you go for an attack speed heavy build. I agree, that having some attack speed is crucial to kiting, but after a certain point, you can barely move without losing a ton of damage. It could just be me though, because I don't like fast attackers.

    It's kind of funny since I can't deal with low attack speeds. I need the AS from BotRK/Shiv since I can't kite without it :/

    In my opinion you are getting LW way too late. Their team will have Locket and their bruiser will have a Sunfire Cape or even a Randuin's by the time you finish Zeal. Hybrid penetration masteries are not enough to deal with this. You need LW imho. Hybrid builds suck against tanky targets. It's fine on someone like Akali or Jax, because they will be going for squishies anyway. But as Kennen you will be hitting tanks the whole time, because of your low range

    Basically I'd take hybrid pen masteries because your magic damage is relevant and a decent part of your damage even lategame. I generally take mixed masteries on my ADC Kennen and Kog since a fair portion of their damage is magic, and I'd rather have the pen for it than the other stuff you can get in offense. Although the hybrid pen runes are debatable, since the ~30% hit you take to ArPen is pretty bad.

    Also I get LW late since I need the AS/ms to kite. Sometimes if I see people building heavy armor I'll build it after a zeal and finish up my shiv later, but somehow my kiting gets better as my attackspeed goes up (so I survive longer and therefore deal more damage), and I tend to build around that.

    Better ban Jarman though or they'll still be able to pin you down. And what do you do against double AP teams? Kennen has low range and his ultimate only helps against melee divers. I think that Ezreal, Caitlyn, Corki and Lucian are better picks against dive teams.

    Late game Ad Kennen has weak poke, bad range, weak wave clear and no offensive utility. He can survive well against certain comps and he deals pretty good damage and I'll give you that.
    But Ap Kennen can catch people out, initiate, tower dive and burst.

    Kennen's ultimate is one of the strongest team fight ultimates in the game. Ad Kennen has to give up most of its potential for peeling.

    Jarman's ult is so glitchy you can lighting rush out of it 8/10 times. :D

    Basically ADC Kennen is for when you want to counter melee divers and your team has no peel. It's basically a soloque pick for when your jungler goes and locks in TRUNDUMURRRR, your top takes Irelia,  and your mid takes an assasin  while their teamcomp is similar and you know that you're going to have a bunch of people after you and only the support for peel. The only other ADC that can self-peel as well as Kennen is probably blue Ezreal, but he deals even less damage (though his poke is way better). If the enemy team doesn't have any divers you shouldn't really picking AD Kennen anyways.

    I'm not debating that AP Kennen might be better (I can't play at all though). They fulfill different roles. AP Kennen is focused around rushing directly into the enemy team, stunning everyone, and dealing AOE damage. AD Kennen is focused around being an ADC and not dying, while providing more utility than the average ADC through stuns, which you'll get off around once every 5 seconds or so.

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  • posted a message on Kennen, Marksman of the Storm (Advice wanted, theorycrafters welcome!)

    Quote from D00meriksen »

    Quote from dreplays
    AD Kennen is beast. Get Life steal quints. Focus attack speed over everything. Rush Runaan's and spam W. After runaan's go for life BTORK then black cleaver and by that time you should be able to fight 1v5. Kennen ADC will always be good. Stun > ADC. Considering you can have a person stun locked as Kennen adc you can win about 99% of 1v1.
    Level one start Dorans blade. From there go for attack speed boots and runaans, maybe a vamp scepter somewhere between. Start with Q first to poke as much as possible. Then get W and focus maxing W. Flash and barrier is op for adc's. 1v1 any one should not be a problem. Kennen's kite is the best out of any adc.
    kennen adc or afk

    Are you joking? Kennen has one of the best base attack speed stats in the game and you throw all that kiting power away by stacking even more of it? 2.5 attacks per second are useless if you need to kite. Ad at least makes your W hit hard.

    BotRK is decent for the level 6 surprise burst, but outside of that I wouldn't get any attack speed at all on the hamster.
    Because I hate BotRK and because Kennen's escape disables his auto attack, I'm still not convinced.

    Honestly if you're good enough mechanically kiting gets easier as your attackspeed gets higher. Also, because Kennen's base attack speed is one of the highest in the game he benefits more from attackspeed itemization.

    Although Runaan's is pushing it, and it sucks as an item anyways.

    In any case on ADC Kennen (which is the only type of Kennen I play) I usually go BotRK -> IE -> Shiv -> Giant's belt -> LW -> Randuin's with zerker greaves in there somewhere.
    This is mostly because Kennen does a lot of magic damage, making last whisper meh until lategame when your bases fall off and your autos hurt from the other items you have. You could take PD instead of Shiv for more single target damage, but ultimately it's a matter of preference. Optimally you'd take armor AND magic pen masteries and runes (hybrid pen runes, a mastery page like this)
    I was too cheap for the hybrid pen marks, but if you have 'em use 'em.

    AD Kennen is one of the best picks against heavy dive teams, since you can peel them off of you by yourself using your ulti. DO NOT use your ultimate like an AP Kennen. Don't even TRY to catch multiple people, and DON'T use it at the start of a fight. What your ultimate is for in fights is peeling divers off, so if you see the Jax jump at you, THEN hit R.

    Skill order should be r>w>q>e most times, unless you're behind in lane and need to have shorter shuriken CD to farm, in which case you take r>q>w>e.

    Your harass is shurikens, empowered w, and hitting w every time a mark hits. If you get a stun off auto them once or twice for free. Kennen's strong with supports that can already provide hard CC, as he can use that to follow up with his own, leading to stunlock -> death. On AD Kennen you should remember that you are manaless, so if you traded damage equally and they burned mana it's a trade in your favor. Eventually if you manage to run them dry of mana you can all-in and kill them. 

    Generally you want to pick Kennen in situations where their team has divers, your team has minimal peel, and their ADC is not Caitlyn.

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  • posted a message on A Plea to ALL Top Laners:

    Every time I've seen Vayne top get picked there was a dodge :P
    So I've never actually seen it in game.


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