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  • posted a message on Diminishing Returns Revisited

    The whole article is a little misleading, and the reason why is touched on in the last paragraph.

    when people talk about diminishing returns, the usually (or should) mean that a stats value diminishes aas you stack it up *compared to other, multiplicative stats.*

    So yes, every 100 armor give the same effective health, on up to infinity. great no diminishing returns.  What's important is that as your armor goes up, health is worth more and more effective health, for the same gold cost.  i.e.: when your armor is already 500, a giants belt will increase your effective health by much much more than the same golds-worth of armor.

    the takeaway lesson for gameplay is, diversify your stats, but don't be afraid of over-stacking a stat if the item is right.

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  • posted a message on Muramana Might Just be OP

    A couple things!

    Not seeing where it's OP; i've been building it on Ryze and kassadin, and while it *is* very strong, what you seem to be forgetting is the significant drain on your mana, esp for someone like ryze.  This, combined with the fact that the damage is based on current mana, means if effectiveness wears off quickly after the first burst or two.

    Secondly, I see quite a few people saying how hard it is to stack for many of the champions who would use it most.  Just remember, you don't *have* to leave it as a tear until it's capped; building it into manamune allows any champ (with melee supports being a *possible exception) to stack it insanely fast, with every autoattack as well as spellcast.

    TLDR; a great niche item, not overpowered, imho (possible exception for syndra, who my be and edge case abuse? she still seems pretty hard to use in general)

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  • posted a message on Muramana Might Just be OP

    about kass: he's saying 5 procs from: 1(Q) 2(Autoattacks) 2(W procs from said auto attacks).

    5 procs *plus* the AOE combo can be devastating, and it's a great excuse to build quite a bit of mana on kass

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  • posted a message on Udyr jungle

    The whole point of phoenix ins that with very little damage in your build, your DPS stays high-decent all through mid game.  While tiger is a superior duelist, phoenix udyr still easily beats most champs 1v1, while absolutely sailing through camps.  you won't need to steal buffs from your enemies; phoenix udyr can kill blue in about the time it takes alistair to walk over from wolves, then feel free to murder them at your leisure.

    basically, only mundo can shred the jungle faster, and few/none can stay over 90% health while doing it (early). As inb4jelly says, it's get ahead or get screwed,but phoenix udyr is always ahead.

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