Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/17/2014 - New Vi and Ezreal Skins, Massive Splash Art Update, Champion Changes

Debonair Ezreal

NOTE: The skin is missing particles on E. Could be a bug or we can expect new ones.

Debonair Vi

Muse Sona Model/Texture Update

Massive Splash Art Update

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey dudes and dudettes!

Wanted to jump on here to let you guys know about some skin splash changes headed to PBE. Specifically, we're replacing the splash art for around 32 skins (For right now, no bases). Some of you may recognize these splashes from other League of Legends regions.

We're constantly seeking to improve LoL across the board, and splashes are no different - as you may have noticed, we've been concentrating on base splash updates in recent patches. As with other art assets, a lot splashes in League have aged over time. We 100% want to improve all of this out-of-date content, but for now a lot of our work is focused specifically on updating base champion splashes.

This led us to seek out stopgap measures for showing love to some of the most out of style splashes where we already have better alternatives available (cough...Grandma Lux). To reiterate, this is a temporary step focused on, right now, only the worst offenders.

Let us know what you think!


Why didn't you do this sooner? The art style for these splashes was a bit different from our visual target, and we didn't want to create a long-term rift in our splash content. However, due to the amount of time and resources we need to bring these splashes fully up to our visual target, we have reconsidered some temporary solutions for these splashes.

Why didn't you change X splash? We specifically picked splashes that met the goals of this small update, so there could be several reasons:

  1. We feel the current splash is of higher or comparable quality (We’re looking for instances where there is a noticeable upgrade.)
  2. Alternatives are too drastically different from current splash or in-game model (we're looking to improve overall cohesion in addition to just visual quality.)

What if I don't like X splash? Let us know! The goal here is to improve, not detract

Why are these only skin splashes? This change is a stopgap for a few skins while we focus hard on updating base splashes to our current style target. These splashes are a bit more sensitive given that they're more highly visible (e.g. minimap icons, champion select, etc...). In general, we're looking to err on the side of caution where there's a very clear quality increase with little risk of confusion.

Changelist: [...]

Noxus Hunter Anivia                     Red Riding Annie

Rusty Blitzcrank                     Goalkeeper Blitzcrank

Desperada Cassiopeia                     Siren Cassiopeia

Mr. Mundoverse                     Tango Evelynn

Minuteman Gangplank                     Dreadknight Garen

Alien Invader Heimerdinger                   Blast Zone Heimerdinger

Nightblade Irelia                     Aviator Irelia

Commando Jarvan IV                    Silver Kayle

Viridian Kayle                     Sorceress Lux

Chosen Master Yi                     Candy Cane Miss Fortune

Pharaoh Nasus                     Snow Bunny Nidalee

Leopard Nidalee                     Ravager Nocturne

Forsaken Olaf                     Glacial Olaf

Ruthless Pantheon                    Noxus Poppy

Frozen Shen                     Hextech Singed

Black Belt Udyr                     Curling Veigar

Chrome Rammus

NOTE: He wasn't included in the Riot's list

Champion Changes

Context on Vel'koz

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey guys,

You may or may not have noticed that there are Vel'Koz changes on PBE. I just wanted to pop in and tell you guys our plan for them and a bit about our direction for Vel'Koz on the whole.

Let's start with what our goals for Vel'Koz generally as a champion. When making Vel'Koz, one of the most important things that had to be true about Vel'Koz is that he fulfills the role of a terrifying laser face melter. On his release, I'd say it's fair to say he felt that way, but his ult often felt like there was something lacking if you actually built the primary mage offensive stat - Ability Power. I definitely understand that Vel'Koz is an effective support, and our changes try to give consideration to the fact that players are finding success playing him as a support. That said, our intention for the character was always that his R would be feared in a similar fashion to an ultimate like Fiddlestick's Crowstorm in that it should be an incredibly meaningful, powerful moment for Vel'Koz and an incredibly dangerous moment for opponents. Given how his R's damage scaled, it had that feeling in the early game, but with a full offensive build, it tended to lose that effect as games went on due to its lower Ability Power ratio. We knew this was likely going to be the case on Vel'Koz's release, but we decided to go forward with his release numbers because we saw him as a challenging character to pick up and play and high base damages on the R would provide a relatively standard experience per cast of the ability. Now that he's been out for a few months, we want to really emphasize that when he buys damage, he yields results via his ultimate, and that's why you'll be seeing the lower bases and higher ratios on his ultimate for now on the PBE.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that we are aware that support Vel'Koz's damage will take a hit if we go through with these changes, but it is our intention that Vel'Koz's character-defining ultimate scale really well with items to better hit character highs on the ability. If taking the base damage off of a character's ultimate is the only change that moves him out of the support position, then that's probably a sign that numbers were out of whack anyway, since supports are primarily picked for their utility anyway.

On the note of utility, we are indeed looking at reducing the slow on Vel'Koz's ultimate, but allowing it to stack on targets as well. For those of you that remember the Vel'Koz release teaser, we really want to bring out that feeling of him focusing in on a single target and evaporating him, and we think this change helps to clarify that purpose and achieve that goal without doing a mechanic like ramping damage or something of the sort.

All other changes on Vel'Koz are aimed at just making various spell effects better match their visuals.

That's a lot of text though! Here's what we're looking at for PBE stuff to test for now...

W - Void Rift

  • W1 missile width increased to match W2

R - Lifeform Disintegration Ray

  • Range increased to 1550 from 1500
  • Base damage reduced to 350/475/600 from 500/700/900
  • Ability Power Ratio increased to 1.5 from 0.6
  • Slow reduced to 15% from 20%
  • Slow now stacks on targets up to 5 times, up from 1

Hope this helps to clarify things,




  • Song of Celerity [ E ] - Tooltip updated to match new spell mechanics.


  • Chain of Corruption [ R ] - Cooldown is now 110/90/70 seconds (down from 120/105/90)


  • See red post above the diffs!


  • Mega Inferno Bomb [ R ] - Cooldown is now 120 seconds at all ranks (up from 120/105/90)

Item Changes


  • Active empowered basic attacks now slows for 2 seconds (down from 2.5)


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