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  • posted a message on Dissecting the Drama: Why the Saint and Elementz "Fight" can be a Good Thing for Curse

    From what I've seen of Elementz, as well as heard him say, his mechanics and mechanical knowledge leave something to be desired. His positioning is often weak, he has sub-par synergy with bot lane, etc. and it all shows.

    It's almost a meta of its own; the current strong team comps (apparently for scrims as well) is a strong bot lane, feeding them kill after kill to counter the weak early game. They depend on Voyboy and Saint to carry them to endgame or dominate early-mid, and when push comes to shove, it won't be enough.

    But who knows? It's all hearsay when they're 18-4 right now.

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  • posted a message on Old Man Eyebrows Anti-Guides: Akali

    A few games at LCS doesn't make her a 6 or 7. Those games she was likely chosen due to advantage over the enemy team comp (squishy team, low CC or a new one that doesn't communicate as well because they haven't played together for months on end).

    Also, we aren't all Voyboy, and Eyebrows may mean competitive play via Ranked 5s, in which it could go either way, leaving her fairly 'average' (4), and a little under given there are quite a few counter strategies against her.

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  • posted a message on Competitive Tier List

    With the recent change (nerf) to Rumble's ult, is he still going to put out the pressure to remain a solo queue monster? I suppose the same could be asked for Singed and Elise.

    I don't doubt they're still incredibly strong, but perhaps not "pick them and you will probably win your lane"?

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  • posted a message on The difference between the old champions and the new champions.

    Ditto. I honestly have no idea what this article was supposed to be about.

    New champions = good? Old champions = also good, but a different good?

    Maybe Hash should just be a caster for MLG. Talk all the nonsense you want.

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  • posted a message on Unofficial PBE Changes for 3/15 Zac, and More

    He has 0 AD scaling, why would he be hybrid?

    I imagine him essentially being a bruiser; grab CDR and health/resists and go to town. Max Q-W-E. He can sort of peel with ult and E (if it lands).

    Like most new champs, it will probably just take time for the proper builds and skill orders to emerge.

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  • posted a message on Unofficial PBE Changes for 3/15 Zac, and More

    That Horn needs some work...

    For 1k you can still just grab a Giant's belt. At least make the Charges happen on ALL spell casts, or at least your allies as well. 15 spell casts from the enemy team? That fight is already over. I would say it's an obvious initiation tool, but it only gives you the buff: 30% MS when I could get a Shurelya's, and it's *only* 20 Armor and MR. Really?

    This item sucks. A lot.

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  • posted a message on Patch 3.04 Delayed Until 3/19, Rune Page Sale "In Next Month or So" and Skin Price Report in April, Lyte talks Champion Select

    Quote from Kantuti »

    There's pick order, plain and simple , if you're in later spots suck it up and stop your whining.

     I will play what i god damn please and i couldn't care less if "all the lanes are called for only support is left". 

    Not sure if trolling....

    People like you are the reason this is being looked at. You can do no wrong, but others should bend to your will? Lol.

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  • posted a message on Solo Queue Heroes, February 2013

    I think Twitch is definitely strong in Solo Queue for the reasons he stated: your team really doesn't need coordination. Even if you die, you'll get some kills or allow your team to clean up. During laning, as long as he has a support to provide lane presence, you really have nothing to worry about it.

    I do agree Tristana might get some popularity soon. That 1% per level increase in Attack Speed with her already amazing positioning (that resets on kills and assists!), a steroid, AND a knockback for the "rush the carry" meta mentioned, should make her the new Ezreal.

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  • posted a message on Solo Queue Heroes, February 2013

    Quote from raikaria

    It's more an [intended] issue with the energy system than Lee himself.

    I disagree, he gets refunded enough energy within a fight to "keep going" in that sense. The issue is that they took away his early game strength, which was his major advantage. We all knew his "weakness", even at his strongest, was sometime after mid-game, he did not deal enough damage, and essentially became an initiator tank with soft CC, but no real pressure.

    It is still that way, and now he does less damage from the start, making him weaker. Still fun and still viable, but weaker.

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  • posted a message on The News Round up: Skin sale, Reddit AMA, Nidalee's jump and more

    Javelin Toss is already one of the longest (or is it?) skillshots in the game, and Pounce likely the shortest cooldown dash. I believe ease of use should trump combat potential any day of the week. It actually creates a good choice: continue to escape, or try to fight back with spears? There is no counterplay to the current strategy; try to catch Nidalee to no avail, and be severely punished if you continue trying. More people win with the change than those who don't.


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