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AD Carry Tier List

AD Carries: 

Tier 1: Kog'Maw, Corki, Ashe, Graves , Urgot,

Tier 2: Vayne, Sivir, Ezreal, Caitlyn,

Tier 3: Tristana, Miss Fortune, Kayle, Kennen

Tier 4: Twisted Fate, Twitch

Definition of AD Carries:

- These champions are based off auto attacking. They deal the vast majority of their damage through their basic attacks.

- These champions are found in the bottom lane for the most part but sometimes a Bruiser and the AD / Support will swap top and bottom lane to give the other team some confusion and this is often done to counter a strong enemy bruiser.

- Support champions often accompany AD carries to help them farm and protect them.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive AD Carry? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz



  • #40 Jesoy

    Well first I'd put AD Kennen 1 tier above between ezreal and caitlyn just because he is not only strong ingame but he is also the best pick of all ad carries cause he can go every lane and it's often not expected that he goes bot.

    Then I'd agree with that other reply that AD Ahri is also a partly viable AD. IMO she is better than TF with her ultimate + charm she has 2 abilities which are very strong on an AD Carry. I'd put her first in Tier 4.
    Lately I also saw some AD Teemos botlane. I don't think its very good but he has some ms and his blind is also pretty good on that position.

    And last thing is AD Lux. I don't like her AD but she brings some utility to team and has a decent early game cause she harrases well with her passive.

    After what i've seen in the support Tier 4, I'd say these are ok picks, you shouldn't be too upset about. As you wrote in the definition the AD Carry is anyways based on auto hits and not on ratios. But they heavily depend on the right team composition so I would set them very high. (And you shouldnt forget AD Ahri was played @IEM Hannover while Kennen, TF, Twitch and probably cait not sure havent been played offline since then)

    But have to admit the bruiser tier list seems perfect.

  • #39 rada3

    ezreal is better than sivir and probably better than vayne too. Sivir just plain sucks and vayne loses lane and is so hard to come back with lategame. Ezreal on the other hand is very hard to shut down in lane and has great burst. He isn't quite at corki status with his burst but with a kill lane support like blitz or leona I think ezreal is a stronger pick. Bump him up a few spots imo.

  • #37 l3rowncow

    hey elementz,

    welcome back! ive missed your lists a lot while they've been gone :( but now that they are back im so happy? several things (please read point 3):

    1) why is urgot so high? for the longest time hes been really low due to his horrible scaling into the late game despite his early game? he contributes a great ulti but i feel like as the ad carry, he needs more damage than he has. i really feel him falling off around 25 minutes if he doesnt get fed. is it because of so many win at 20 strats that are in competitive play? i feel like that is putting alot into something that could potentially backfire extremely hard. i trust your opinion though, and im sure he is much better at the top than he is were i am.

    2) Why is tristana so low? her laning phase is pretty decent due to her range and high damage from abilities at low levels, and then at the end of the game, she is unstoppable. granted she doesnt contribute as much mid game as other ad's but she still has a jump for positioning, and a huge atkspd steroid that is just rediculous. i feel like she contributes more to a team than say ezreal or caitlyn who have similar kits, and she definately contributes more damage than them after 20 minutes.

    3)ok this is going to sound really bad, but i really want you to at least try AD lulu. you have her as the second most important character in your solo tier list, so i know you value her as an ap or support, but hear me out. if we look at her base stats. they are just horrid for an ad. 44 ad and .625 atk spd at level 1. that is below every other ad in the game. but then we take their kit into account. at level 1, lulu gets 80 dmg from a skill, plus 15 damage per auto attack due to the pix passive. 15!!!!!!!! thats rediculous! now suddenly she has the HIGHEST ad in the game at lvl 1 at 59 and is dealing 2 types of damage to boot! i tested  lvl 1 dps over 10 seconds from all of the ads on this list and only sivir with the boomerang landing both ways beat her. now lets look at the kit for an AD. she has an 80% slow that deals huge damage even without ap. thats even better than ashe and it has stupid range with the help pix. then there is whimsy. this skill is what makes AD lulu so good. not only does she have an 80% slow, but she also has a move speed boost. this lets her never get kited, get away from ganks, and kite better than ashe. then she also has her e which is a shield if she needs it or bonus damage that also gives you a free glitterlance hit. Currently, her only knock is that she is too squishy to do anything bottom lane but this is simply a non issue. at lvl 6, she gets her utli which makes her one of the safest ADs in the game. if she gets jumped on or low, her utli naturally will peel off whoever is there then with a glitterlance or a shield with a whimsy, she is garaunteed to keep fighting out of danger. Now this all sounds good but then what about her lategame? She has no steroids right? well pix is dealing an additional 117 damage. that is better than a freaking bloodthirster! at the end of the game, i have beaten 6 item graves in a 1v1 without it even being close. in conclusion, i just want you to give it a try and tell if what i think is true is right or wrong.  i feel AD is her optimal build despite her dominace as an AP and it would really cool if you could test it for yourself, it would be soo cool

    TL;DR AD lulu deserves some attention

  • #36 nilof

    On Kayle:

    Only some AD carries such as Cait really have an option can go in other lanes than bot with support. Kayle is one of them and this is her biggest strength compared to the other characters in this list.

    Kayle is an incredibly strong top laner that completely counters melee laners like Lanewick, Gangplank, and Riven. She can also shut down a fairly large range of casters(and lane fairly well against Leblanc) if you send her mid. She's even a viable Jungler with a fast clear time, the ability to kite and kill most other popular junglers if invaded, and strong ganking tools.

    The Duo lane is her weakest lane, where she is outperformed by other AD carries due to not being ranged all the time, making it harder to farm against constant harass from the enemy AD and support(roughly like Kassadin compared to other casters). If you define AD to be "build an IE, and do ranged damage late game", she's actually a very versatile pick that can fit into several different lanes, an early Kayle pick is very unpredictable in terms of lanes(she can go anywhere).

    Her damage is frequently Underrated. A 10% damage boost, a 60 attack damage steroid + 45% large splash(it's roughly the size of Brand's Pillar, but not aimable), and a shred passive with strong (bruiser level) base stats is notheing to scoff at, especially considering her utility and invulnerability ult.

    Last edited by nilof on 4/25/2012 8:44:47 PM
  • #34 Jarvan_IV

    I was wondering why you placed Ashe above Vayne.  Neither Ashe or Vayne have good early game damage, and Vayne has more late game damage.  I was thinking it's probably because of the sheer power of Ashe's ultimate to initiate a fight, or catch someone off guard, or because of her ability to kite without items better than any other champion.

    I was also wondering about Urgot.  Does this placement refer to Urgot being built as an AD carry, or Urgot being build as a bruiser sent in place of AD carry on bot?

  • #35 PocketMarsh

    Ashe is above Vayne because it is Draft mode

    A good team will notice vayne has a low range and CC-Fuck her til she dies, she well get focused so hard, and the difference in lane is: neither of them do damage in lane except for their respective small burst (ignore level 1). The difference is, and the reason she is higher is because Ashe is a defensive bot lane, she has above average range, and cc. This means she sits at the back of the creep wave and last hits, and doesn't do anything to the enemy carry much until a jungler comes by and she perma slows.

    Vayne on the other hand has trouble CS'ing and will OOM if the lane is losing, she will get zoned and molested by a Cait, Graves, Corki, MF and she will lose lane HARD. Ashe may lose lane, but there is little reason for her to get less than 20 cs behind her opponent

    Also, a vayne is an anti carry and needs to be in the enemy team to do damage, but she has low range and a single udyr stun will probably mean death if the AP is ready.

    Ashe on the other hand is an anti bruiser, she kites all day and when she is done she turns onto others, she can also initiate, provide sight, and cover an escape, Vayne gives pure damage, and that is like having a sword of occult, kill the one dealing damage and it has been a 4v5 from the start, if you focus ashe she will still have ulted and had her CV which means it usually has been hard to kill her due to the initiate being on the enemies terms.

  • #33 OlweTheBlue

    If this list is about the strength of the pick rather the strength of the champion, then Caitlyn belongs a little higher...higher than Ezreal and Vayne at least. She does well against practically any lane and it's nearly impossible to prevent her from farming. Her late game scaling doesn't compare to Kog'Maw, Vayne, or Tristana, but it's far from terrible. Her passive is basically a free 10% crit at level 16. Her long range is great for poking down towers during sieges and she has a nice kiting ability that helps in teamfights.

    I think Tristana belongs higher as well. She's arguably the strongest 6 item carry in the game. Her early laning is very strong as well, it's just mid-game where she's weak.

    Just my $0.02

  • #32 vengence_12

    OMG thanks for finaly mentioning ezreal everybody over looks him..

  • #30 MasakanSolaris

    I'm curious as to what the logic is behind this list. I mean I get why some of ones you ranked higher are where they are. I even used corki and saw how good he is . 

    But tristana, I think at the very least, should be above caitlyn and ezreal.

  • #27 TyrannonvanDazok

    Hiho Elementz, i´ll just post it here alltogether:

    AD Carry:

    -I´d love to hear why Corki is considered so strong in your oppinion. I don´t play him and i rarely play against him so i just want to know the information you can give.

    - If you can mention AD Kennen, Twisted Fate and Twitch, you should have a look at AD Ahri. She doesn´t come with steroids, but she got a good CC and her Ultimate is a Triple Dash. Her Attackanmation and Range isn´t completely bad either.

    Support: I main them even in Ranked so please give us a List for them too! Maybe consider Top Botlineups though ;).

    Overall: Are these lists for SoloQ or Premade5s? Rather than a Tierlist i´d love to have a List with: When to pick what Champion? or I need this and this properties, what are the Top3 Champions to chose from? Counters?

  • #28 JioDerako

    You can check the category at the top of the page, this one's categorized in "Draft Tier List" so it's for premade.
    Agreed on the "when to pick", but that seems more like a guide than a tier list, which I'm not sure that Elementz has the time to write up (but he should know that I'd love him if he did).

    TL;DR: theorycrafted wall-of-text post.

  • #25 Pistallion

    def the best list you have so far. I agree 100% with it! very excited for support list

  • #31 MasakanSolaris

    Tier 1:Soma, Soroka, Alister

    Tier 2: Everyone other support.

  • #24 HyperOmega

    There shouldn't be a lot of things to say here caitlyn downwards is accurate given a place or so ie. all those caitlyn down are generally worse picks than all those above her.

    Kog is quite easily the best AD carry and is probably a little strong, my only significant disagreement is urgot should be above graves, I just feel the urgot pick simply has more impact on a game, whereas graves feels like the go to if you can't get kog or corki.

    Ashe is ashe she's going to be high no matter how you look at it, not neccessarily number 1 but always high. 

  • #23 SpacianEU


    Neither Kog's nor Corki's laning phase are bad in any way. Due to W Kog has huge trade and harass potential. It's almost the same with Corki, you won't be able to trade against his Q and E. I agree that there are better lv 1 and lv 2 AD carries, but from lv 3 on, there is like no other carry with that much damage and such a good lategame scaling.

    Tristana is 10th because her safety is not needed in high level draft mode. If you can protect Kog, why should you pick Tristana then? Kog has poke (ult), Trist hasn't (she got a safe, which is not needed). Kog has an ATS spell, Trist has an ATS spell. Kog has an AA-improving skill, Trist has a not needed jump. Kog has AE slow, Trist has an anti heal skill.
    So Kog has poke, CC and more damage, while Trist has 2 escapes instead. And again, if you position well as an AD and your team protects you, there is no need for escapes, Flash is enough for minor mistakes. As already said, Trist is more of an soloQ AD carry. But to be honest, even in soloQ I prefer Kog over Trist. His laning phase is like 10 times better, as well as his mid game. His lategame is still better than Trist's imo. And with decent positioning, you don't need escapes.

    Another point against Trist is that she isn't needed for kill lanes anymore. A long time ago, Trist Ali was the best kill lane. Today it's Corki Leona.

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