Support Tier List

Supports: 1) Janna, 2) Alistar, 3) Soraka, 4) Taric, 5) Leona, 6) Nunu, 7) Sona, 8) Lulu, 9) Lux, 10) Blitzcrank, 11) Yorick, 12) Galio, 13) Gangplank, 14) Annie, 15) Karma

Definition of a support:

- A champion who often duo lanes bottom with a ranged AD carry who helps protect allied champions, zone enemy champions in the laning phase, or provides team utility later in the game.

- These champions get gold per 10 items to make their gold as they won't be taking any gold from last hitting minions as their job is to make sure their AD carry gets farmed.

- Supports will be buying the most wards for the team and will often carry the summoner spell Clairvoyance for added vision across the map.

- Some of these champions are also quite good at roaming and will often leave the AD carry alone to roam the map and gank.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive support? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

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  • Pistallion

    Ali is still better than Taric and soraka imo. soraka is bad late and in team fights compared to the CC Cow

  • Gildayne

    Why all the rave for janna, I mean she was recently nerfed imo to almost non-use. Knock up and shield nerfed and still on top cmon. I used to love janna cuz u could throw a quick q and save your carry, but now vayne can roll and graves can slide into range and finish your carry off. I think this has severely hampered her viability...not that she isnt viable its just i think other hard cc champs do her job better such as Alistar, Leona, Blitzcrank

  • rada3

    elementz you have got go be kidding me...blitzcrank rank 10? In my opinion he has got to be like top 3 supports in solo queue. I play him whenever i see a janna support on the enemy team and we crush face. You go ignite on him and it only take 1 hook from level 2 onwards to guarantee either a kill or a ton of blown summoners. I think he outclasses even Leona for kill potential. He does fall off a bit lategame but his ability to feed kills early game makes him one of the strongest supports out there. Below lux? Give me a break.

  • Canvasofgrey

    Elementz, when it comes to support I encourage you to look at this.

    It's a blog I made about unorthodox supports and a small summary of their viablity. While it doesn't go into too much depth about it, due to length constrictions and overall general population laziness to read a lot, I ask that you read what I've put so far and tell me what you think.

  • PeacePeople

    Karma should be placed higher up on the list. Way better than gp and annie.

    Annie and gp should be removed from this list imo. They work much better as their original roles and not as a troll support.

  • PotatoFrenzy

    Nunu above Sona? o_0 Why?

    Was also expecting kayle like the others. Though she could be a good carry, she has slow, heal, speed boost, and shield; the things that make a support champ what it is.

  • UnleashChaos


  • Roneld

    Kayle needs to be added because of that sick invicibility and the ms heal, Karthus aswell because of his walls (if Annie, a mid, is there for only a stun then Karthus, another mid, must be there for huge aoe slows), maybe Naut too since the cc is op.

  • Shrukai

    i think you need to add Orianna, pretty good supporter aswell, able to use ball as bushward, shield, speedup, slow, displacement ult, strong base stats, just think about it

  • Einstyle

    Kayle and Nautilus need to be implemented.

    Also: Lulu will rise. Calling it now.

    Last edited by Einstyle on 4/27/2012 8:00:17 PM
  • DavasiaN

    Hi Elementz :) I played Graves against your Talon earlier. But anyways, I think a couple of things need to be addressed for the support list in particular. The biggest issue is the mentality of "omg this champ should be higher/lower/on this support list." By the very nature of having a duo lane, you not only have to consider the strength of the support champion, but how it synergizes with other champions. For example, Soraka is currently #3 on this list, but Soraka is much stronger with a Graves than with a Tristana. As a result, some things need to be clarified. How big of a factor is the "versitility" of a support on this list? In other words, how many ranged ADs does the support synergize well with? Janna would be considered an extremely versitile support because she synergizes well with almost any ranged AD. On the other hand, Annie might be an extremely strong support champion in a kill lane (even stronger than Janna), but a weak choice in a passive farm lane. Thus, Annie has low versitility, and be lower on the tier list. I think this clarification would resolve a lot of complaints about this list.

  • YoshinatorZ

    Support Annie should just be removed. Why is it good? If you want stuns just play Leona.

  • Sokolnik1

    Quote from YoshinatorZ »

    Support Annie should just be removed. Why is it good? If you want stuns just play Leona.

    I do understand that it could be easy to lump a support annie as being the same as support Leona, but the differences between the two is that Leona's Stuns overall last significantly longer and overall feels more reliable, doesn't require pushing the lane to a degree to set up and tends to be available significantly more frequently.  The difference that makes Annie a viable choice even in the face of Leona is that Annie's Harass is significantly safer than Leona's which requires being in melee range or bringing herself into melee range.  Leona is also significantly more vulnerable to ganks than Annie as well.

  • YoshinatorZ

    Support Annie is as good as AD Kennen right? Both of those sound horribly retarded.

  • Darknesse

    Here's what I don't understand.

    Why Blitzcrank support but not Nautilus?

    Nautilus has a ton of CC, and his hook is on a much shorter cooldown with further range.

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