Twisted Treeline Tier List - Nami Era

Rank/Draft Mode Tier List *Nami's Patch* by Sam 

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Hope you guys enjoy this tier list! If you guys have any requests or any ideas, tell me, and I'll see what I can do. If you don't like it feel free to give me reasons and not verbally abusing me. 
P.S. : This tier list is based off of my opinion and experience, you don't have to fully agree with all of it. And each role the champions are on, they are put there because I feel that is where they excel their strengths on those roles.

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Darius Tier


God Tier

God AP: Singed, Rumble, Diana
God Carry/Bruiser: Olaf, Jayce
God Jungle: Lee Sin, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo
Hybrid: Jax

Tier 1

AP Carry: Gragas, Zyra, Evelynn, LuLu, Katarina, Karma, Cho'Gath, Elise
AD Carry/Bruiser: Yorick, Renekton, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Rengar, Jarvan IV, Shen, Kha'Zix, Irelia, Wukong
Jungle: Riven, Nunu
Hybrid: Kayle

Tier 2

AP Carry: LeBlanc, Kennen, Malphite, Brand, Teemo, Cassiopeia, Amumu, Soraka, Orianna, Vladimir,Syndra, Mordekaiser
AD Carry/Bruiser: Garen, Nidalee, Skarner, Fiora, Trundle, Volibear, Ezreal, Gangplank, Warwick, Pantheon,Vayne, Udyr, Zed
Jungle: Nocturne, Rammus, Hecarim, Shaco
Hybrid: Akali, Poppy

Tier 3

AP Carry: Swain, Annie, Galio, Ziggs, Malzahar, Ryze, FiddleSticks, Janna, Kassadin, Maokai, Sion, Lux,Morgana, Fizz, Ahri, Leona, Nami
AD Carry/Bruiser: Graves, Talon, Miss Fortune, Corki, Caitlyn, Tristana, Draven
Jungle: Master Yi, Sejuani

Tier 4

AP Carry: Anivia, Heimerdinger, Zilean, Veigar, Viktor, Twisted Fate, Sona, Taric, Xerath, Alistar, Karthus
AD Carry/Bruiser: Nasus, Kog'Maw, Urgot, Blitzcrank, Sivir, Ashe, Twitch, Varus
Jungle: Nautilus


Description of tiers:

Darius Tier: It's Darius... "How does he do it"

 Tier: Champions that are really all around strong. If you play against one! Good Luck! 

Tier 1: Champions that are taken most of the time, really strong picks. These are generally the most banned champions.

Tier 2: Just under tier one, these champs are very good, common picks. You will see them banned after T1. These champions fulfill their roles well.

Tier 3: You will rarely, if ever, see these champs banned but they are still good. Not the best, but still good and worthwhile.

Tier 4: Ehhh... I recommend not to pick these. There are just so many better champs... Just saying!



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