Finishers for Other Game Modes, Friend Request Spam, Evelynn Buffs and Ashe Changes, Skin Sale and More

L4T3NCY on Finishers for Other Game Modes

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Can we please keep finishers as permanent but only on First Blood and Pentakills? [...]

I actually think there could be a way to do finishers on all kills. ^_^ While the current finishers are thematic to URF mode (IE: 'over the top'), there's probably a middle-ground where we could do some sweet effects without sacrificing gameplay clarity. FB only happens once a game and Pentakills are extremely rare. If I bought a custom finisher, I'd definitely want it to show up more than that. :)


Once URF mode is done, we'll take a step back and analyse the outcomes. In the meantime, I'M A' FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!

BRO, I JUST WISH- i didn't have to sacrifice an icon for it.


you could also make sound effect only finishers?

I feel you on the icon. :/ The current equipping method is something else we'd need to look at.


Yeah, we could do SFX only finishers but, I don't think they'd really be cool enough. I mean.. people play with their sound turned down, but you can't turn down the LOVE on a <3 Heartsplosion. :)

On top, give it an option for being displayed in the graphics options.

Our Clarity guys wouldn't let us make anything so noisy that you'd want a 'disable option'. They're cool like that. :P EG: Pulsefire Ezreal already does a mini-finisher when he melts you into little bits & bytes, but it's not intrusive at all. I think PFE and URF mode are probably at the two extremes of what finishers could be.

The Curse of the Sad Surprise Party

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The Curse of the Sad Surprise

To everyone in Valoran,
so he wouldn’t be ignored,
Amumu sent an invitation--
an Urf Day party right next door.

So glad he’s born,
The manatee
Of spatula-slapping fame.
Amumu wrote of the birth of Urf,
and asked if they’d all play a game.

At last, the morning of the party,
Urf Day was finally here.
Out the window, Amumu looked,
but not a single friend appeared.

So young Amumu took tiny steps,
and traveled through the land.

But even when Amumu stood
and peeked into their home,
He saw they partied without him,
And he was still alone...

Attend the funniest sad party in all the land and cheer up Surprise Party Amumu (1350 RP*) with Definitely Not Udyr (975 RP,) Archduke Nasus (750 RP,) Order of the Banana Soraka (750 RP,) or Urf the Nami-tee (750 RP!)

*On sale for 975 RP through 23:59 PDT on April 6.

Fewer Fancy Hats But Even More Rapid Fire

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How about that new old Ultra Rapid Fire? As tantalizing as the prospect of elevating League of Legends to the pinnacle of high-society competition might be, there isn’t a world in which we could have passed up a chance to bring back a favorite game mode.


April Fools’ Day is a celebration of League’s amazing community, whether we’re poking fun at the 3D fad from a few years back, or releasing a trollish browser game that hit all of our nostalgia buttons like punching in a cheat code.


So the highfalutin gig is up. URF has returned to celebrate the community alongside skins, icons, and bundles. Plus, you can commemorate the event with merch in real life! Check out the Urf figure and Ultra Rapid Fire hoodie on the merch site for more.


We’ve added a few new bells and whistles (in some cases, literal bells and/or whistles) to the classic Ultra Rapid Fire mode, and everyone can earn the Thinking Manatee Icon by finishing one game of URF mode before the end of the event.


Check out the patch notes for more on the mode, the manatees, and the merch, then enjoy Ultra Rapid Fire until April 13 at 2 AM PDT. If you missed any of the joke as it played out, catch the reveal of New Ultra Rapid Fire here, the subsequent server surge here, and the local broadcast of the URFitational over yonder.

Evelynn Buffs, Ashe Changes and More

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Said this before, but please make the Ashe changes as minimal as possible [...]

The changes are pretty focused, mostly related to passive and Q. I think the end result will feel very much like the current ashe with a bit more depth and satisfaction. (and a passive that makes more sense)

If Riot reworks another champion by making their signature spell a skill shot I may go insane.


Please say Frost Shot isn't a skill shot in the new kit.

No skillshots added confirmed.

Hey, Scruffy. I enjoy playing Ashe as an AD poke support (I build Zeke's Herald and Black Cleaver to increase my ADC's damage). Can you give a heads-up on whether your changes will be a buff or nerf to this playstyle? [...]

Hmm, probably a bit buffed for the support playstyle, not by too much tho.

I'm really glad to hear this! One of my favorite things about Ashe is that she is more utility based, in a way that really brings power to her team even if she doesn't have a billion kills.

My other favorite thing is her ult, but that's just because it's so satisfying.

Yes I definitely agree, what makes ashe a very different marksman than the rest is the fact that she brings so much utility. I think that we actually would like more of the other marksmen to have as much of a clear and unique thing that they bring to the game like Ashe.

RiotScruffy, What about Miss Fortune? Is there ANY plans at all to update her kit or give her some love to bring her in line with other ADC's at the moment. [...]

Definitely MF needs some love too, we don't have anything as far along as the Ashe work is for her but there's definitely some room for improvement on MF in terms of both depth and satisfaction.

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[On Evelynn]

"Current thinking is that we'll put the stacking movement speed back on." [...]

We'll be testing out a couple of different possible buffs. We agree Eve needs a bit of help, but are still figuring out what exact changes that should entail.

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Please give Evelynn's Ultimate a "Minimum Damage". [...]

So, looks like the team's a little split on the ult's damage paradigm, with whether or not Eve should be able to get a kill outside of her Q range the focus of the discussion. Will get back to you folks if we come to a consensus that'll result in any changes to the ult.


As far as the 5.6 changes go those have been less powerful than expected. Current thinking is that we'll put the stacking movement speed back on.

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Dear Riot,


I was wondering to myself, why hasn't riot created a champion who's entire kit revolves around minion waves since they are a huge factor in who wins the game, and just thought that a champ like that could create some complexity in that field of the game.

We've been thinking about a champion with significant ways to play around allied minion waves for a while and, I'd imagine, will eventually find the right combination of gameplay and theme for that concept. There are some significant problems to solve, in particular how you ensure that said champion's not completely irrelevant when minion waves aren't around (so doesn't get hard countered by decent AOE clear, doesn't mean their team effectively loses dragon/baron fights etc).

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@Meddler was curious about Taric (you are probably sick of hearing abut him)

I'm not sure on Taric sorry. His timeline's much more defined by figuring out his visual and thematic details than gameplay. Figuring out how to perserve the key bits of his personality and tone, while upgrading his visual quality, is one of the key things that'll define when his update comes out. Improving his kit by contrast's simpler. Ironstylus has talked about the art side of things a bit previously e.g. and will be able to offer more details than I can.

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Soraka Buff [...]

No current plans for a Soraka buff if that's what you're asking. [...]

URF Mode and Queue Times

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Hey everyone,


By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the untimely demise of the New Ultra Rapid Fire preview, and the rise of classic Ultra Rapid Fire from its smoldering rubble. For anyone unfamiliar with terms such as “Helicopter Horse”, or the glory days of Ultimate Faceroll Sona, U.R.F. mode brings with it some truly insane moments for the game. However, alongside the skill spam and huge amounts of death and destruction, the game servers take a serious beating as well. Left unchecked, the extra load can potentially cause Bad Things to happen to the entire region.


To prepare for this possibility, we’ve been working on a variety of tactics to keep things stable while U.R.F. is rocking. During extremely high server load, you may experience longer wait times than normal when queuing up for U.R.F. In extreme cases, the game mode could even be temporarily disabled. You may also notice that U.R.F. mode against AI bots is temporarily throttled or disabled, which allows more headroom for 5v5 PvP U.R.F. matches. Finally, the minimum number of players needed to create custom games could be temporarily increased.


Our overall aim is to have as much uptime for U.R.F. mode as possible, without negatively impacting the rest of the region. We’re confident that U.R.F. mode will be a blast, and will take every precaution to keep the rest of LoL gliding along as well. Our hope is that this post gives some advance insight into what’s going on should any of the above tactics have to take place. Alright then, that’s all from us. We’ll be seeing you all on the corpse-strewn hellscape of the U.R.F. battlefield.


I'll be hanging out to answer questions. Hope everyone's enjoying Urf so far!

How dedicated are the servers to specific modes? Can space be easily transferred from normals to dominion to TT to URF at will or are they hard-wired for specific modes? More of a curiousity thing than anything. Thanks for the heads up!

Resources are shared by all running game modes, so the only way to "transfer" those resources would be to throttle or disable certain queues. For example, disabling custom games containing just one player means more room for everything else as a result. The same idea applies to everything else.

Thank you for letting us know in advance!

I'm curious how much of a beating the servers are going to take as people start coming home from school/work in all regions of NA and logging in to get their Ultra Rapid Fix.

Our estimates put a regular Urf mode 5v5 PvP game at about 50% more expensive resource wise than a standard Summoners Rift game. The sheer number of extra calculations taking place from all the skill spam and mayhem make things run pretty hot, especially when multiplied thousands of times over.

Riot on Friend Request Spam

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hey all,


we're obviously aware of the friend request spam problem as we're also getting tons of requests every day. I synced up with our Game Designers and discussed various solutions that could be put in place. We have some ideas that are currently in development, but we also know that spammers regularly adapt their strategy to overcome constraints we put in their way. This is not the first time we defend our players from the spamming problem, so we're approaching it a bit differently.


Anyway, we're going to implement some mechanics to stop/reduce the amount of requests, but additionally, we're working on solutions that will let you gather more information about the person that is inviting you. Things like a link to their profile, their level, etc, should help you to distuinguish a legit player from a bot. I'm planning on giving you some more details soon, or maybe ask our Game Designers to describe the problem and our plans form their point of view.

More Party Rewards Soon

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We're going to use Party Rewards to test some more stuff in the future, should be soon.

Champion and Skin Sale: 04.03 - 04.06

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Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:

Dark Valkyrie Diana
975 487 RP
Veigar Greybeard
750 375 RP
Commando Xin Zhao
520 260 RP

Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:


975 487 RP


880 440 RP


790 395 RP

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