War Changes A Yordle

War Changes A Yordle

NOTE: It's a new Teemo (yes, Teemo) skin promo. Name is most likely the Omega Squad Teemo, legendary tier. Click the quotes to hear them out (skin VO, from the site). The green helmet on left from helmet bro one is Teemo's.

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I used to live by a code.

I've done things I'm not proud of.

Turns out, I got proficiency in killing.

Other Skin VO quotes:

  • We ain't all making it out of here.
  • This one's from my helmet brother!
  • Size is a liability.
  • A part of you never leaves the jungle.
  • I settle my scores.
  • You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites.
  • Peace is a fairy tale.
  • One day there'll be reckoning.
  • Some masks you never take off.


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