[4.9]Live Gameplay Patch Forecast, Possible Shurima Teaser, Soraka Rework Plans, The New Audio Engine, Feedback:Woad Scout Quinn

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 5/23/2014 - Braum, Kassadin, Kayle, LeBlanc, Soraka Changes

[4.9] Live Gameplay Patch Forecast

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Hi guys, here is Chun with 4.9 Patch Forecast, where I'll be talking about the major issues we're looking at in League of Legends. Keep in mind that the forecast is more about identifying problems that we're looking at, and not promises of changes to come in each patch. Some changes might take longer than others!

1) Kha'Zix

As Jag mentioned in last forecast (http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/gTkfbmI6-48-live-gameplay-patch-forecast ), we have been working on Kha’Zix. Currently Kha’Zix is being played and built like a brute-force fighter who can initiate a team fight while also being able to survive to clean it up. Assassins in League need to rely on fighters or tanks to initiate fights before they take the opportunity to engage, but Kha'Zix is able to do it all by himself, which gives him a lot of free power. We're looking at highlighting Kha'Zix's assassin powers over his fighter abilities.

As a side goal, some of Kha'Zix's evolutions are really powerful and certain ones are really weak (hello W), so we want to make all 4 of his evolutions compete with each other (maybe not equally, but situationally), so you can choose the evolution to adapt what you need it in certain phases of games.

2) Kassadin

As a rework follow up, we've been keeping track of Kassadin as he continues to become a more and more dominant force. We think we released Kassadin in a good state but then gave him a little too much strength as we saw players struggling with the new kit. The buffs taught players how to play the updated Kass, so we're peeling back the layers we added to get him back to a correct power level.

3) Kayle

Kayle right now is being played as an AP-scaling supportive mobile ADC because of her consistent burst, her high ramping damage and her high utility. What this also does is give her very few weaknesses as she can shred everyone in the fight while staying just out of range to use her Intervention on a teammate. We're looking at ways to give Kayle some real weaknesses to compensate for her high strengths so she needs to think about how she gets into the fray.

4) LeBlanc

As mentioned in 4.7 forecast, we're continuing to look into LeBlanc. Some of the things we like about LeBlanc are her high precision, her skill requirements, and her trickiness. Unfortunately she's doing all of this along with having crazy high burst damage without any counterplay for the enemy. LeBlanc has so much damage that in competitive play she doesn’t even need a Deathfire Grasp to burst down enemies (and DFG is potentially overboard at doing this). This tells us that LeBlanc is scaling very well (too well?) as a burst champion, and we're trying to find a way to balance her tricky / precise burst while making her fair to play against.

5) Braum

As a follow -up to a newly released champion, Braum is a little too powerful at this point. We are happy with what he can do for his team in team fights as a shield man, but meanwhile he is getting very tanky too quickly and he's a strong lane bully at same time. When we release champions we have to think about how players will get used to their playstyle, but people were mastering Braum very quickly so we're keeping an eye on his performance across all levels of play.

6) Pantheon

Grand Skyfall was always intended to be a high risk, high reward - a high damage global ability that's inconsistent. We've never been a fan of Pantheon's ability to cast spells while landing (which made his ult very reliable), but as he's gotten more into the spotlight, we finally decided to make the fix (and then forgot to document it, which was a big mistake). Either way, we've fixed the bug with Pantheon's ult where he could be affected by AoE abilities before he lands, but we're still trying to find a good way to make Grand Skyfall feel good to use without directly buffing its power levels (Pantheon has actually been pretty stable from some of our internal statistics).

7) Jungle XP

We have bigger plans for the jungle, but currently we're seeing problems where junglers are getting really far ahead of the game, especially if they have a strong start. We think it might have to do with lane EXP versus monster EXP, as lane minion EXP doesn't scale with average champion level, but jungle monster EXP does. Basically a snowballing jungler gets his teammates some kills, they get levels and bring up the average level of the game, and then the jungler gets even more experience as he clears camps for additional rewards. No other lanes get this kind of bonus, and we've always been aware of strong junglers controlling the pace of the game, so we're looking for ways to tone that down.

Possible Shurima Teaser From Riot's Narrative Lead

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I'm heads-down (in the sand?) at work on a LoL story event, but I surface to mourn the passing of great DP Gordon Willis. Check out KLUTE.
@tomabernathy is the "In the sand" a hint about something Shurima related? Or Nasus/Renekton related? Or am I reading too much into this?
That would be telling
@tomabernathy@The_Hyze "Errant words may fell empires." "Some things must remain buried." ;)
Wise words, those. ;-)

Soraka's Rework Planned For This Year

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Valid feedback - I think the rework needs to solve "how does Soraka become healthy", which is prioritized for this year unless all Hell breaks loose. These nerfs should be targeted at unfightable mid-lane, and hitting the things that make her particularly oppressive there.

One approach on these "busted" characters is the Kass/Grags approach we like. Nerf in the short term while we get the rework out as soon as it makes sense. Since we're actively working on a shipping plan for Soraka, this would be part of that.

Oh, okay. Do tell then why Kassadin's silence was left alone until his rework. Why is Soraka not being left alone till her rework when Kassadin was more of a problem in terms of balance and fun than she'll ever be? Whatever happened to Riot's new found policy of not "olaf'ing" champions? I find it hard to say this in a polite way, but it kind of seems like you have double standards to me.Is Soraka at least possibly going to be properly compensated for nerfs?And by the way, the poke damage from Soraka's silence is negligible, nor does it necessarily prevent the target from trading (like vs adcs). Also, you're talking about the ability to "trade or react" in a game whose meta is all about stunlocking and burst?
edit: "Soraka mid or top or whatever is not a concern." - proceeds to remove 33% of starcall's damage.

Because this was something we really realized when working on Kassadin of how problematic it tends to be. There's more here, LeBlanc, Talon, etc, but we're trying to address them AS they become problems so we don't have these "wait, wtf, why are you nerfing Talon?" issues.

Since we learn as we work on stuff, we tend to evolve our understanding of root causes on these issues over time - especially as player skill improves, and exposes things that were more manageable before.

As for the damage changes, I'll have to ask Statikk - I only was really involved in the conversation around E. That might be to lower burst and increase total damage, but I do get that it risks TankRaka being insane.

PBE Bugs & Feedback: Woad Scout Quinn

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Howdy! Woad Scout Quinn has arrived with the chilly northern winds and we would love to hear your feedback on her!

  • She's now a fur-and-leather-laden, blue-Woad-painted Scout!
  • Valor has transformed into a dangerously adorable snowy owl!
  • All particles are icy and a bit sparkly~
  • Her recall animation has been changed to showcase new owl Valor's acrobatics and an epic pose~
  • Her Harrier particle has changed to feel more Freljordian~

We'd love to hear your thoughts and any bug reports you have. We want to make sure this Woad Scout flies into Live as strong, beautiful and bug-free as possible! Thanks!!

flies off with Valor, cawwing and sizzling

Additional Info On The New Audio Engine

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As always, if you find a bug (with the current or new audio engeine) let us know! If it is an audio specific issue, feel free to report them directly on the Audio Section, or for general issues the Bug Reports Section. Also, if you have a PBE account, stay on the lookout for periodic PBE tests where the engine will be activated.
If you are in fact aiming for the camera being the listener, as we were told here:
then why not just put the microphone at the camera?
This was actually more involved than just moving the listener (microphone). When you move the listener, it affects all the sound levels in game. It has a big impact on how things sound at a specific distance based on your current position. We essentially had to go back in an re-mix all the content to match this new position without having a negative impact on the gameplay feedback that sounds deliver. However, fixing the listener was just one part of the changes with the New Audio Engine, and not the only reason we are changing Audio Engines.
I don't know if this issue will be fixed with the new sound engine, but I'd really like to have my champs consistently voice their emote lines when I request them. Some (I'm looking at you, Blackfrost Anivia.) won't speak at all if there's been an automatically-voiced line within the last few seconds. It feels almost as if the silence after the line is part of the audio file that you're not allowed to interrupt with an emote.
For some VO that is processed (added effects to make it sound a certain way like Thresh, Blackfrost Anivia, Lissandra, etc...), they will usually have long "tails" where the sound might not be immediately audible in some cases, but has reverb or something that adds to the overall quality of the VO. You are correct in the fact that a new line of VO won't trigger in some instances if a previous VO line is already playing.

[Fan Fiction] "No Glass Ceilings in Noxian Politics"

By RiotExLibris

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I love the world of League of Legends...

Stories of Runeterra, her cities and her characters, are fascinating. Like most players, I'm not on the narrative team. But, like a few of us, I dabble in short stories and novellas whose main characters are League champions.

I wanted to attempt finding a consistent meeting place for players who love lore, narrative and the craft of writing to get together and share our stories. We can read stories, comment and offer feedback on them, and help each other get better at the whole creative writing gig. And, like I said before, we can post our own stories, inspired by the featured story or not, to keep our discussions going.

Context for my first story: as a reminder, I am not a member of the narrative team. In no way, shape or polymorphed squirrel are my words canonical at all. In fact, I probably go off-canon at points. Last note, Cassiopeia is still all human at this point, and none of the characters involved have joined the League yet.

No Glass Ceilings in Noxian Politics

The blackfire burned low in the lanterns lining the high stone walls of Viscount Swain's manor. Katarina du Cocteau crouched atop a snarling granite maw, the icon of a lesser house. Green light whispered across her face, burying shadows in the furrows of her brow. Even a twice-removed nephew of the Noxian high commander could afford apartments nearer the city center, but then Anton Swain would find fewer victims for his foul masques.

Less than a month after shambling into her school with an expelled student reeking of Freljordian white ale, Anton hosted his first Black Masque. Of course, the first two events were like any other masquerade held by lesser Noxian nobles. Haughty, pretentious, clinging to a past built by blood inherited instead of blood spilled. But the lights were dimmed at the third party. Attendees were dressed in mourning, no sigils or medals. Instead of garish, painted fans they wore shrouds of impenetrable shadow. And the first girl disappeared that night.

Not from the school, Katarina chastised herself for forgetting. It had been a fresh-faced third daughter of a sergeant whose meteoric rise was matched only by his complete inability to blaze in the same sky as other Noxian stars. No one had admitted she'd vanished from the party, of course. She could have left on a ship bound for Bilgewater or a caravan headed south towards the desert. She hadn't, Katarina discovered. But she could have.

She'd been attending the parties for two months now, although she never had gotten an official invitation. The gargoyles were welcoming enough, in their own grotesque way. Friendlier, she was sure than the Viscount's personal retinue.

"I still don't understand why we can't just go in the front door. I have a dress. And an invitation. Written in blood and everything."

Katarina looked over her shoulder at the young girl who insisted on following her to the party. "I don't," she snapped. "And you don't have to be here."

"It's cute that you think I'd let you sneak into some minor noble's party and possibly severely aggravate any number of important people all by your lonesome." Evanie White wore the same style of shadowleathers as Katarina, although hers had seen less use.

Evanie raised her head to the falling rain. "He could've picked a night with better weather to host his weeping party."

"You shouldn't swear."

The younger woman ignored her, staring down the wall they'd just climbed up. "I hope getting down is easier than the climb to the top."

Katarina grimaced. "You don't have--"

"Fine, I admit it. I chose to be here. I am choosing to be here right now. Happy?"

"I'd be happier if you were back at the dorm." Katarina went back to examining the wide glass window that sprawled across the roof. Far below, she could see the whirling shapes of drunk Noxian nobles attempting to dance.

"What are we doing now?" Evanie asked.

"I'm going to sneak through the window and lower a rope down."

"Uh. That is, um, a plan. Not necessarily a good plan, but, sure. Hey, did I tell you about--"


Away from the party raging in the main hall, Anton Swain swept along one of the many corridors snaking through his manor. Dimly lit by frogbelly moss after sunset, the hallway was lined with delicate sculptures and tall, narrow windows. Walking alongside Anton, a woman glides draped in a midnight-black gown.

"Well, that was interesting, in its own way," she muttered. "I prefer my entertainment a little less, red."

Anton shrugged. She went on, "Have you thought about what I asked?"

His shoulders twitching, Anton lashed at her, "There was a time when being Noxian meant something--you won't remember, Cass--"

"Neither do you, Anton," Cassiopeia du Cocteau cut him off.

"The blood, the purest blood, Cass, the strongest blood bled for Intrigue. Now, the army bans Intrigue. They'd shut me down. And you want me to ask my great-uncle to let your lover accompany my expedition? You've grown weak, your blood is thin. Tell me, do you cry for him?”

"I have cried for men, Anton, and none of them were you."

Anton laughed.

Cassiopeia leaned towards him, freezing in her stride. "Do you like thinking of me, crying? Does that excite you? You have exactly one tiny connection to a single noble house from two generations ago. This manor? This masquerade? Paid for by your great-uncle's military wages. You're only the slightest bit more noble than Jericho Swain himself by grace of your grandfather's predilection for prostitutes."

"I could have you beaten for saying that."

"No Anton, you couldn’t. Do you know why?"

Anton Swain glared at her.

Cassiopeia turned her back to him, walking away as he stood in shock. "Because I actually am noble."

She pulled open the door to the opulent ballroom, filled with black dresses and blacker dress uniforms. In Noxus, even the least martial nobles pretend at being military, Cassiopeia scoffed, letting the doors swing closed behind her.


Katarina and Evanie hunched over, crouched among the twisted gargoyles and wicked crenellations.

"And then he tried to--Kat--isn't that your sister?"

Far below them, Cassiopeia and Anton Swain entered the ballroom. Long flickering shadows made Cassiopeia's gown seem to stretch on forever behind her.

"Tears! Wha in the name of the last emperor is she wearing?"

"Really, Kat? Your sister shows up the night we go sneaking around Anton Swain's house and the first place you go is to her dress?"

Katarina stood back away from the glass, checking the daggers in their sheathes along her waist, thighs, forearms, wrists, neck, ribs, ankles and feet. "I mostly just wanted you to shut up about Draven."

"What is she doing here?" Evanie asked as she ran through her own inventory.

"I have no idea; I've told her enough about Anton Swain. She knows what happens at these masquerades." She resumed her crouch, leaning towards the glass.

"We have to find Tymara. They brought her inside two hours ago. Why isn't she in the ballroom? Who am I talking to right now? Why do I even bother?" Evanie let her voice trail off.

Katarina's gaze was locked on the scene a hundred feet below. She tilted her head, cocking her ear even closer. She winced as she overheard an awkward conversation. "Seriously, stop with the talking. I need to hear them."

"We're, what, a thousand feet above the ballroom? Fine. A hundred. There's still no way you can hear anything in this rain."

Katarina ignored her, flourishing a dagger in the gloom, its silver blade flashing.

"That's nice, I can do that , too." Evanie brandished her own small blade, trying to spin it between her fingers the way Katarina had. A fumble and the knife clattered to the glass, a small crease crackling over the pane.

Katarina let out a deep sigh. "You may possibly be the worst assassin ever. How'd you get into the school again?"

Evanie slumped to pick up her knife. "Magic, I think they said."


Cassiopeia's eyes swept across the room. "For a nefarious, secret black masquerade, there's an awfully high number of attendees tonight," she whispered in Anton's ear. As they approached one of the larger groups she spoke up. "No, you're right, Anton. There is more to being noble than merely blood. I am not my sister. I never joined the military."

"And yet, you could talk to them," Anton let his own voice carry, the two of them drawing a crowd. "To your father," he continued. "Convince him to do what he has to do. He's the third-highest ranking noble in the city, and only Jericho stands above him in the High Command."

Cassiopeia spun around, taking in the eager gaze of the onlookers. Most of them, she observed, were rather interested in the cut of her dress. "Are we bartering, cousin? If I pry some of my father's time away from his precious war games. If I reason with him until he agrees to oppose the military action to the north. If I do this, Chaeme accompanies us?"

Anton began to point and grasp, his hands a flurry of motion as he spoke, spittle flying from his flailing fishlips. "I'm not some sore-swollen Bilgewater pirate, Cass. I'm not bartering. It's the right course and you know it. That slattern bladesister was infected. We do not have wars to fight, we hone our skills behind closed doors and the army is keeping those doors propped open. Did you listen, how she begged before she died?"

The crowd went silent. Stray clattering wine glasses and dropped silverware plucked a discordant dirge in the background.

Cassiopeia paused and fixed Anton with a deadly glare. "I didn't come here to fight with you, Anton Swain."

The room echoed with a loud crash and an explosion of glass. Katarina du Cocteau tumbled as she landed on the smooth marble. Rolling to her feet, her daggers spread out in a fan, she faced Anton and Cassiopeia. The crowd's murmur grew to frantic chatter as the identity of the unexpected guest spread.

Katarina flipped her hair back and stepped into the flickering torchlight. Twin daggers held at the ready, she realized the audience had guards. Ten of them. The sound of steel slew the silence of the masquerade. All she could do was shrug and nod towards Cassiopeia.

"That's alright, sister. I did."



  • #61 LaurenEUNE

    "Braum is a little too overpowered" Just a little bit. What? He's way too overpowered, open your eyes, please. He's pushing all the AP/mage supports away. Sona *cough* only people who main Sona survive, beginner Braums dont have to fear dying, they're so tanky.. And can jump to their ADC after their shield as escape. Please nerf him atleast to a decent Leona level. 

    Last edited by LaurenEUNE: 5/26/2014 8:38:49 AM
  • #49 Cdore

    Still no Poppy.

  • #46 atlasnovus

    Kayle is completely useless before she gets Nashor's and is completely item dependent, so if the enemy team is willing to put any effort into keeping Kayle underfarmed and underfed, she will be completely useless to do anything but ult herself and then die in a teamfight. You already cut the AP ration on her Q by .4 and now that her range has been nerfed she can't even safely harass in lane while shes gulping mana to keep her E on in the first place so she can farm. Lich Bane also got hella nerfed. (Another key item into making Kayle function) So before you continue beating Kayle into the ground just because she saw play in the LCS again try to nerf something that actually is too strong, or just focus on more VU's like idk... for Kayle? or maybe some love for Sion. Lol. 

  • #52 klocugh12

    Kayle already received at least 2 MAJOR nerfs (3 if you count LB rework) and still is considered a terror competitively.

  • #53 bloodmoth13

    she deals sustained hybrid damage while shredding defenses in aoe, has a slow, speed boost and invulnerability. the burst from Q and LB werent necessary to decimate teams, but its more reliable than sustained because people have a chance to react. i personally suck with her but i get why she is so strong. she has multiple build paths. they nerfed one  and another rose to power. it was always competitive, her sustained damage is amazing, its aoe and it shreds the targets MR and Armour, making your allies do more damage as well and she can survive thanks to her ult. but again people tend to play whatever options have the least counterplay  (toxic) which is always a safer choice.

    before you get nashors you max q for harass so its not that bad. 

  • #60 Lipton

    She has no mobility. The MS from heal is just a joke compare to most midlaner. This is her weakness.

  • #62 ohnitiel

    a 35% MS is not a joke, why do you think Lulu is picked?

  • #65 Lipton

    Lulu as :

    • better constant range/clear (550 range on AA! +925 with Q)
    • 3 on demand non missable CC (Q 80% MS at 925 range / W:1.5 transformation / R:1sec knock up + 30%MS debuff) and a great shield. 

    Kayle as

    • 0 /400 range
    • Ultimate
    • 35% Ms debuff at 650 range (Q),18% MS buff (W)

    Kayle's Q doesnt even matter, if jungler comes within 650r, he is probably going to jump/dash/fly/tp on top of her straight up. On the other hand, every part of Lulu's kit can be used on either offense or defense. You can't seriously compare both "safeness" to push mid.

    Last edited by Lipton: 5/27/2014 3:50:23 AM
  • #66 Selutu

    You forgot to mention that the 18% MS buff scales with AP and also provides a heal. Kayle's range is 125/525 range, not 0/400.

    Kayle is also a much better late-game compared to Lulu.

  • #73 Lipton

    When I initialy said she had no mobility as weakness, I meant for her laning phase. She is easy to gank. How much AP do you have in laning phase. You need 100AP to get 7% MS. You'll have to be level 10 to get as much. Laning phase would be close to over at this point. And on top of that, Lulu get 10%(!!) MS for the same amount of AP.

    My point wasn't to compare both champion strengh/weakness, but their lane safety. Lulu is safe as fuck. Kayle pushes hard early due to E and then get ganked. She is not OP at all, but her problem being that the lane is won by someone else than the midlaner. Same goes for soraka, you need the jungle at level 3 or you are in trouble.



    Last edited by Lipton: 5/28/2014 1:44:40 AM
  • #74 Selutu

    Yeah, during her laning phase, her mobility sucks. It's like Orianna I guess. 

    I honestly don't find Kayle OP, she can't do anything pre-Nashor's, which gives her a decent damage spike, but she doesn't really reach a very strong team-fight position until Ruann's Hurricane is finished.

  • #33 Cheshire

    Sooo, Leblanc will still have no counterplay but will deal less damage... Guess we're waiting for that rework for her to be viable after that gutting

    Kayle's getting nerfed, and rightfully so, but only in the attack range and not damage or utility(that ult, oh god why)

    Kassa is gonna get nerfed even harder not addressing the fact that he gets shit on even more against certain comps and can't do crap against sustain champions in lane...

    I'm beginning to HATE LCS (well more like the results of it) since they're always nerfing at least 2 of the champions that did well in it, disregarding the composition of the other team

    How long do we have to wait for actual buffs for champions instead of just nerfing everyone? Remember how before her rework noone even saw karma?(except me since I bought her as a joke)

    And what was the last time you saw Urgot or Galio (ARAM DOES NOT COUNT)? remember how viktor looks like? (well now you do since he's on a free rotation) And Skarner? No? Well that's because NOONE PLAYS THEM AND RIOT DOESN'T DO SHIT

    ...You're making me sad riot... just sad...

  • #39 absolutebeater

    Yeah I don't think straight burst damage is what needs to be changed, I mean if they were feeling creative they could make her Q a shillshot too so she would be even harder and couldn't just jump on you from behind minions. I say they should weaken her laning phase, maybe make it so hard pushing her can really set her back a lot, but keep her late game power.

  • #41 japanczi

    What are you crying about dude? Do you want to play Urgot? Play him. Do you want to play Skarner? Play him. What the fuck do you want? If you at least read what happens at Riot, you'd known that they're working at helping Skarner to get into the game.

    In the LCS people are playing those champions they like to play, and most importantly, they can play. Champions like Urgot are simply old and not versalite(ie. mobile), that means an ADC can kite him and you can't do a shit. Considering that in 5x5 team matches people need to have at least one way to escape, champions like galio, viktor or poppy will not appear on the LCS because they simply DON'T HAVE such mechanism. (what doesn't make them not viable champions in certain  compositions)

    So hold your butt up.

  • #43 Cobaltcords
    Quote from japanczi »

    What are you crying about dude? Do you want to play Urgot? Play him. Do you want to play Skarner? Play him. What the fuck do you want? If you at least read what happens at Riot, you'd known that they're working at helping Skarner to get into the game.

    In the LCS people are playing those champions they like to play, and most importantly, they can play. Champions like Urgot are simply old and not versalite(ie. mobile), that means an ADC can kite him and you can't do a shit. Considering that in 5x5 team matches people need to have at least one way to escape, champions like galio, viktor or poppy will not appear on the LCS because they simply DON'T HAVE such mechanism. (what doesn't make them not viable champions in certain  compositions)

    So hold your butt up.

    Riot saying that they're going to do something is not the same thing as them doing something. See the laundry list of things they've said they'll do, and have not done, and are not going to do. They have no idea what they're going to do with Skarner to make him semi-viable, because the one thing that made him work is the one thing they are patently against putting in. So, in all likelihood, they're going to keep nerfing other things until Skarner becomes viable again, somehow, and then nerf him again because he's a problematic champ design and they have no idea how to fix him.

  • #45 Cheshire

    You just pointed out the problem - some champions are just not viable whether it's because of outdated mechanics, lack of mobility, losing the synergy with certain items etc. and the ones that are worked on are the ones that A) are popular, B) are banned a lot, C) are fairly new

    We hear a lot about "bringing champions in line" and so, but there's tons of chars that were viable but the items they based on were changed yet they weren't touched and some champions don't get ANY changes in a long time (when was the last time you saw an urgot change?)

    What I want is for them to focus on the game and not on the LCS and what's hip atm.

  • #47 Arekualkhemi

    I don't care about LCS and what they play. Usually when they pick up Nasus, he will get nerfed, so I am fine that I am carrying myself through Plat V with 60+% Winrate with him. I am fine with him, some of his big issues were solved (20 mana on Q), so I am quite content.

  • #50 Drtonick

    LCS is a huge money maker for riot since the game is free . So i assume thats why they are focusing on it. Making e sports more enjoyable to watch makes them more money

  • #67 Lipton

    LCS show what champions do when used at their maximum potential. Kassadin is straight up broken due to his mobility, having a weak early laning phase is the least he could have. Same goes for Leblanc.

    Urgot, Galio & Skarner have toolkit problem. It's not about the number, but the gameplay construction itself. Viktor is fine, he is just not the best at anything. You have to make the difference between gameplay problems and numbers adjustements.

  • #21 12ocky

    Le Blanc rework? i'm disappointed.

    Especially her distortion still brings a lot of power, which is her most annoying factor. High mobilty with no counterplay.

    Kassadin is growing with the same 'nidalee' problem superhigh mobility unchaseable.

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